Cbd Oil for Diabetes; The Essential Facts To Understand

Cbd Oil for Diabetes; The Essential Facts To Understand

Diabetes affects scores of people around the world. Therefore, there is a keen interest of research towards thwarting the condition or finding remedies to it. CBD oil has taken over the world by storm when it comes to the diseases it cures or offers some relief. The Experts show that how people have turned to this alternate medication for pain, anxiety relief and much more. It would only seem natural to wonder if CBD oil is a possible remedy to diabetes. There is a misconception brought about CBD oil since it is a derivative of the marijuana plant. A plant banned in many countries. For this reason, there is only a little research done on some of its byproducts. However, the interest of potential benefits of CBD oil has gained momentum recently as pertains to people finding relief from a myriad of diseases. 

Does Marijuana Increase The Risk Of Diabetes?

Studies to show the effects of marijuana on diabetes are limited. Nevertheless, the few studies taken show some positive results when marijuana is consumed, and some reviews say otherwise. This damaging effect is however attributed to THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is what gives people a high effect while consuming marijuana and it usually increases appetite. It is therefore essential to distinguish between THC and CBD oil since these two compounds in the same plant have very different effects on diabetic people. Actually, CBD oil comes from strains of the marijuana plant with trace amounts of THC.

CBD Oil on Diabetes

The authority website on the matter CBDTrust.org has a comprehensive list of the benefits of CBD. In their list, you will find type two diabetes included. People with diabetes often have high insulin levels. Recent studies show people using marijuana have a reduction in insulin levels by up to 16 percent. Furthermore, past users of the drug often have lower cholesterol level later on in life. High cholesterol is the main catalyst when it comes to diabetes. To add to this, CBD extracts show a remarkable improvement to ailing patients. Even though the studies are not as complete as they should be, there are high hopes. Scientists are not yet sure of how CBD affects insulin levels. However, the most feasible theory is that CBD reduces inflammation. This reduction in inflammation increases a person’s metabolism.

Further, the leading cause of diabetes is obesity. CBD acts as an appetite suppressant. CBD oil also converts white fat to brown fat, which is easier to break down. In essence, CBD assists in burning calories. As mentioned earlier, due to the illegalization of marijuana wholly, scientists could not do their clinical studies freely in the past. Nowadays, many states are legalizing marijuana, allowing trials of its derivatives, not only on lab rats but on humans too. 

How to Use CBD Oil If You Have Diabetes

CBD oil comes in many forms and can be in different concentrations. Typically, the medication is administered in increasing doses. Some patients feel the results in a few days, while others reap the same benefits after weeks. Fortunately, even in states where marijuana is illegal, CBD is usually not. You are free to consume it, as you like, with the doctor’s approval of course. To track your progress, a medical practitioner will chart the way forward as you to see the results. The qualified medical practitioner will gauge the right amount of dosage over time. You will be glad to know that you will be amongst the first who will have contributed to the research. Moreover, if you have used conventional medication, you will be even happier to know CBD oil hardly ever has side effects.


There are many types of medication for diabetes. Currently, insulin is irreplaceable to diabetic patients. Nonetheless, CBD oil has shown great potential and benefits to diabetic patients. It is fast gaining in popularity among many people, especially those suffering from side effects of other medications. That is not to say that different types of recognized therapies do not work. We cannot stress how important it is to consult a professional. With the rise in approval, some quacks are springing up all over, and they do not have the right skill sets to asses you correctly. There is no need for going from bad to worse.


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