Discover Your Purpose in Life Post-Military
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Discover Your Purpose in Life Post-Military

Discover Your Purpose in Life Post-Military

After your time in the military is over, you can expect the strange feeling of where to next and stressing over the rest of your life and deciding what you want to do. It’s as if you have picked up started a brand new life.

There are a few things you can do to help get your thoughts together and move forward to start the next stage of your life. Because let’s face it, your life isn’t over – your’re just moving on to the next adventure!

Write Down Everything You Like

When you try to find something you’d love to do, it can help if you start by writing everything you like. Don’t think too hard about it. Write whatever comes to mind. Some people find their purpose in life doing a simple exercise. They keep on writing different purposes in life until an answer makes them cry. You might not want to go this route, but it’s been successful for a lot of people. However, writing down what you like gives you an idea of the types of careers you’d like to explore.

Create a Vision Board

Along with thinking about what you like in life, you could create a vision board. On your board, gather pictures of everything you like or want in your life. It could be about your health, family, money, places you’d like to see, your personal philosophy in life and anything else you can think of. As it starts to take shape, you might start to see a pattern that will reveal what you’re meant to do in life.

Attend Classes

Attending classes can help you discover the things you’d like to learn more about or a new passion to explore. You might find that you’d love to be a translator after attending a linguistic anthropology class. You could also explore online degrees as you’re contemplating what career to go into. Online classes can help you to go on with education while you work too. You can take general education requirements until you have decided on the degree you want.

Look Within

Imagine yourself at the end of your life. Think of things you would have liked to have accomplished. This might include having a wonderful family, volunteering your time to make a difference in someone’s life or coming up with a cure for a disease. You should also ask yourself what you will regret if you don’t do it. Consider unfinished business you’d leave behind if you were gone tomorrow. What is it that you need to do? Consider whether there are places you want to see. List anything that comes to mind.

Think About What You Were Like as a Kid

Your core personality was formed at an early age. This core personality stays with you for life. Whatever you are meant for will manifest itself in your core personality. Knowing your core personality takes some self-awareness, and you have to be willing to drop any insecurity you may have with your core personality traits to realize them. You can take a core personality test if you’re unsure what your personality traits are.

Think of Hobbies You’d Like to Have

In everything you’re considering, whether or not you find what you’re meant for immediately, you should take up some hobbies. Hobbies are a wonderful way to discover the things you’d like to do in life. It’s true that you should love your job or career to never feel like you’re working. Since you don’t normally get paid to do hobbies, it’s a good way to discover what you enjoy doing for free. If you can turn your hobby into a job or career, you’re well on your way to finding what you should do in life.

Life is wonderful, but it’s up to you to find your purpose and fulfill it. It’s a tall order, but the alternative is living a substandard life. We already know that you have what it takes to serve your country and be your best. Nothing can stand in your way.


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