5 Top Tips for Landlords

5 Top Tips for Landlords

While having a full control of tenants can be a daunting challenge for landlords, there are some things they can keep under control. Pests, for example. If you have a rental property for sale, it’s very important to keep it pest free.

No tenant wants to live in an apartment that’s home to cockroaches, mice, bed bugs, or other pests. In case of bug infestations, you will have to deal with regular tenant turnover and complaints. Why bother with them?

Here are 5 tips landlords should follow to prevent pests in their rental properties.

1. Schedule Regular Exterminations

Exterminate any pest that enters your property. Actually, you should do it before you ever notice any sign of an insect or rodent. Regular exterminations will help you prevent infestations and keep your home clean.

2. Take Care of Common Areas

Maybe you can’t control how tenants live and behave in their apartments, says Sterling Property Solutions, but you can still be in control of the common areas you share with them. Keep all common rooms clean and make sure they are free from debris and trash. Vacuum or sweep twice a week.

3. Get Rid of Standing Water in Your Yard and Home

Do you have standing water inside or around your property? It’s a breeding ground for cockroaches and other nasty insects. Standing water attracts rodents, too. That said, you need to fix leaky faucets or pipes if any.

4. Remove Clutter

If there is any clutter around or inside your property, be sure to remove it immediately. This mostly refers to compost, log, and wood piles. You should also remove weeds and trim bushes and hedges as well.

By keeping your property clutter free, you’ll reduce places for pests to hide in and breed. This way you will also reduce the chances of them entering your rental property. Keep in mind that pests that live near your property can easily get inside your home.

It is also advisable to keep trash receptacles or waste bins away from the property. That’s because the smell of garbage attracts a variety of little critters. Make sure your bins have proper lids. Inspect them on a regular basis and check for holes or cracks.

5. Seal Up Crevices and Cracks

Do it both on the exterior and inside of your property. A mixture of caulk and steel wool is great for mice prevention. So it’s a good idea to insert it into the holes and cracks. That will prevent mice and other pests from getting into your home. But where to start?

Start with checking the building foundation and basements. Then check for gaps around windows, doors, pipes, and vents. Take the time to inspect common areas, attics, as well as apartments of your tenants. That’s a time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort and time. However, it will save you money and time later on.

By following these five steps, you will prevent pests from invading and infesting your home. Not only will these tips help you keep pests out, but they will also make your tenants more satisfied. It’s a win-win for everyone except for pests.


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