What to Give as a Wedding Gift: Essential Wedding Gift Ideas

What to Give as a Wedding Gift: Essential Wedding Gift Ideas

Do you want to give the most special wedding gift to the bride and groom? 

Have an upcoming wedding to attend but you’re unsure of what to gift the happy couple? You aren’t the only one overwhelmed by gift options.

For close friends and family, you should plan on spending at least $100 on the wedding gift. For co-workers and distant friends and family, you should still spend at least $50.

But when you’re spending that kind of money on a gift, you want to make sure it doesn’t get thrown in a closet and forgotten. Even worse than having your gift forgotten is buying a duplicate gift. But finding the right gift isn’t easy.

Follow The Registry

Most couples create a gift registry for their wedding, especially if they are inviting a lot of people. Gift registries offer the easiest gift buying experience.

Couples will register for specific gifts of different price ranges at their favorite stores. You can then buy them a gift off the registry. Once a registered gift is bought, the registry will account for this so no duplicate gifts are received.

By following the registry, you guarantee that the couple wants your gift. It’s something they specifically asked for. Most commonly, these registries will be for home-related items to fill their new household.

Go Custom

But what if the couple doesn’t have a gift registry or the gifts aren’t in your price range? Then it’s always best to go custom.

Many online sites, like Customenvy.com, let you customize items such as phone cases, canvas prints, and photo mugs. Add a photograph of the couple or their wedding date to the item for a customized gift.

When you buy wedding gifts that are customized, you personalize the gift and ensure that no one will gift the same thing as you.

Gift an Experience

Recent studies have shown that gifts of experiences are more meaningful than items.

Let the couple create a new memory together as they start their married life. Find out where they are going on their honeymoon and look for local activities they could enjoy. Even if they are honeymooning in Morocco or England, there are still ways you can gift the happy couple an experience.

You can also gift an experience near their hometown for after the wedding. Some great options include painting classes, cooking lessons, a night at a hotel, or a couples massage.

When in Doubt, Give Cash

Still wondering what to buy for a wedding gift? Cash never fails as a great wedding gift.

Odds are, the new husband and wife can benefit from a little extra cash. By giving cash or a check, the couple is able to use it for exactly what they need. You’ll never have to worry about your gift going unused.

Beyond What to Give as a Wedding Gift

Now that you know what to give as a wedding gift, you’re ready to be a great wedding guest.

But one more question might remain. When do you give wedding gifts?

Registries allow the couple to pick up the gift at their leisure. For cash or smaller gifts, bringing them to the wedding reception is fine. Have larger gifts shipped to their home after the wedding, just give them a card the day of the wedding explaining your plan.

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