5 Tips for Hiring a Tree Company

Trees are among the things that can increase the value of your property without any additional cost. But to enable them for this purpose you will have to spend some money of hiring a tree company which can improve their looks and health. Sometimes branches of your trees die and sometimes tree itself dies due to aging. In such condition, it is necessary to call a tree company to remove the dead tree from your premise as it can affect the value of your property. Now the question arises that how to hire a tree service. Some tips are provided in this write-up to help you in this regard.

  1. Always hire a certified tree service

In fact, no license is required to become a professional tree care service provider. Anybody who has a pickup truck and a chainsaw can become an expert tree service provider. However, the ANSI or American National Standards Institute has set a whole set of standards to be followed by the tree services for caring as well as pruning the trees properly. So you should go for a certified tree service like WNY Tree Services etc. so that he can prune your trees as per the standards.

  1. Verify insurance certificates

While hiring a tree service you should verify its certification as well as insurance certificates to ensure that you are safe in case of any mishap with the workers of the service provider while working at your site. The service provider you hire must have workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance of adequate amount. He must provide you the copies of his insurance covers that you can verify their validity. If the service provider has adequate insurance then you need not worry about any additional financial loss, in case of any injury to the worker while working on your trees.

  1. Ask about the style of their work

It can be helpful for you to know the ways the tree service will adopt to complete your work. You must know the type of equipment to be used at you site as they may use heavy equipment or trucks at your site which can damage your irrigation system as well as the grass of the entire lawn. You should also know the span of time they will take in completing your project. You should also ask about using spikes while pruning the trees as they can be harmful for your trees. You can also ask about following the standards of ANSI to ensure the proper servicing of your trees. After asking such things from the tree service you will not be surprised on their ways to complete your task.

  1. Always try to get quotes in writing

Though licensed and certified tree services usually provide an estimate in writing before starting work at your site but many people do not hire duly certified and insured service providers to save some money. In such cases, the service providers usually do not give a written estimate which can cause misunderstandings and confusing situations in case of conflict between the property owner and the service provider. So, to avoid such situates it is better to have a quotation in writing with all the details about the work and the processes to be followed, before starting the job. It should also include the price of each service to avoid any confusion later on. Moreover, while starting the work your service provider should provide your proposal in writing including the appropriate specifications of the work to be done and their guarantee about the quality of their work. Though things very minor still they have importance in case of any misunderstanding.

  1. Professional looks

All the workers of professional tree service should wear a proper uniform with company’s logo and use vehicles properly marked with the company’s name and logo to show that they are working in a proper order. The uniform of the workers is the sign of a successful service provider.

Thus, by following the tips provided in this write-up you can easily hire a good tree service. However, most professional tree services normally ask for your feedback on the work performed by them. In such condition, you should clear all the customer service related issues before giving any feedback. Though you cannot find a perfect tree service but the character of the company can be judged from the way it handles the issues.


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  1. I agree, if you’re going to choose someone to help take care of your trees then you’ll want to verify their insurance. After all, working on and around trees is very dangerous because of the risks involved. Because of this, you will want to make sure that they have insurance to cover their workers if they get injured.

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