How To Overcome Flight Anxiety and Actually Enjoy Your Trip
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How To Overcome Flight Anxiety and Actually Enjoy Your Trip

Do you love traveling but freak out when the day finally arrives? You are among 25 million Americans who have aerophobia. Statistics tell us that flight anxiety comes second in the list of fears after public speaking in America. We sometimes hear of airplanes disappearing and crashing in different parts of the world. This number is not as high as road accidents. So, every time you get nervous, remember that airplane crashes are rare.

According to research, flight anxiety occurs differently for people. While some people become paranoid about bad things happening during a flight, others get anxious about not being in control of the situation. Flight anxiety varies in intensity and can cause both physical and psychological symptoms.

Some people may develop increased heart rate, tension in their muscles as well as stomach pains. Others become dizzy and develop paranoid thoughts as they obsess over the flight. How can you overcome these feelings? 

Relax before the flight

If your job involves lots of flying, you need a relaxation mechanism to help you eradicate the jitters before a trip. You can reduce flight anxiety through techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, as well as yoga. Do this some few days before your flight. Self- hypnosis can also help you with aerophobia. It reduces anxiety and also clears your mind of any worry to prepare you psychologically for your trip.

Get information about what you should expect from a flight

If the cause of your anxiety is uncertainty, equip yourself with information regarding how planes operate. Find information regarding the bumps or noises from a plane as it takes off and as it lands. If you equip yourself with this knowledge, you will not panic when they occur.  You can get this data online and learn that planes are safe to reduce your worry.

Arrive at the airport earlier before your flight

If you arrive some few hours before your trip, you will have enough time to go through the security procedures and relax. You will not worry about getting stuck in traffic or missing your flight. Sufficient time makes you find the right terminal so that you don’t panic from the last minute rash.

Check your flight details beforehand

Always know the minute details of your flight to reduce any confusion. For instance, you should double check your visa status, the time as well as the date of your departure. This may seem like small details, but they make some people miss their flights due to overlooking them. When you are fully prepared, you will not panic.

Find your trigger

Everybody has different triggers that cause flight anxiety. Some people may panic due to the turbulence while others hate being confined in a place out of their control. Flight anxiety can make you irrational if you don’t identify your trigger. Find out what causes your fear so that you can address it.

Learn to trust more and reduce doubt

Statistics show that more than 2 million passengers travel by air every day and they make it safe to their respective destinations. You can reduce your flight anxiety if you trust that your life is in the hands of trained pilots who fly passengers every day safely.

Your seat may not be as comfortable as the one at home, but your flight is in the right hands. If you change your mentality and not focus on the crashes you probably may have watched in a movie, you will feel calm all through.

Observe the forecast

The turbulence forecast gives you details of the weather patterns such as currents in the air as well as the clouds. Observing the forecast will prepare you in case of turbulence occurs. You will not be afraid when the plane seems to shake if you know the cause.

 Carry a photo of where you are going

You may be traveling to a new country expecting great things ahead. If you carry a picture with you, it keeps you focused on what is ahead rather than the current flying situation. You can also use visualization techniques to imagine yourself in a safe environment, a place that makes you feel comfortable. It could be a beach where you look forward to spending your vacation or a luxurious restaurant you intend to check into. Changing your focus can conquer flight anxiety.

Avoid any drugs or alcohol as you travel

Some passengers use anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax or take wine as they travel. These substances make you more anxious during your flight and affect your judgment. They can also make you dehydrated instead or making you comfortable. If you have problems with Xanax abuse, seek help from professionals who can help you find ways to cope with anxiety instead of drugs.

Substitute your favorite wine with water, or pills with simple snacks such as nuts so that you remain sober all through the flight. You need to nourish your body as you travel and not add more stress to your aerophobia.

Be keen on safety instructions

Thankfully, planes come with safety features that you should never overlook. Put on your seat belt so that you can assure yourself that you are safe. Listen to any safety instructions given by your flight attendant and follow the rules as guided.

 Use some distraction

Thankfully, most airplanes try to reduce your anxiety by installing distractions such as televisions and magazines for you to utilize as you travel. You can always carry your best novel and read to distract your mind from the air bumps or watch some exciting program from the television. They will calm you down.

Talk to the flight attendant

A flight attendant can help you with your anxiety if it is getting out of control. If you are feeling nauseated from the flight or experiencing stomach pains, make them aware. These are professionals placed there to attend to you if you need help. Make use of them and travel worry-free.

Final thoughts

Flight anxiety is normal to most people, but the intensity is what distinguishes your level of comfort on a plane. Use the tips we have discussed to make your journey enjoyable with nothing to worry about. Have a safe trip!


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