Finding Time to Relax: 3 Helpful Tips for Moms
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Finding Time to Relax: 3 Helpful Tips for Moms

In order to relax you need to find the time to do so, and that’s not always easy given the fact that moms have busy schedules as well as hectic home lives to match. You can’t magic extra time in the day out of thin air (even though many of us secretly wish for more time). So what can you do to make sure that by day’s end, you’ve done something for you?

Why are we living in a world where moms feel guilty for taking the time for themselves? Stop that, right now!

I am sure you’ve heard the old saying “early bird gets the worm”, and in a busy moms life – this speaks so much truth. Getting your day started off early, and ensuring all tasks are completed ahead of time is helpful – at least it is for me when planning out my day.

Wouldn’t you love a little extra free time? Especially while everyone is still in bed!

The key to having more time is being careful to spend it wisely and engaging in constructive activities that help you to further your fitness and ability to manage stress.

Here are some ways to help you find more time to relax…

Book It And Get It Into Your Calendar

If you’ve long had your sights on going to the gym on a particular day, or meeting your friends for coffee or drinks, or even going for a soothing massage at the end of the work week, then simply book it once you know you can find the time. Sometimes you just need to book and add it into your calendar so that you’re then forced to find childcare as a matter of urgency or to finish the tasks you have ahead of time. You have an incentive to get organized and find a way to make it happen once the date has been arranged. Consider making an appointment at Heaven and Earth Massage to help soothe muscles ache and discomfort, relieve stress, and encourage positive thinking.

Wake Up Earlier

As I mentioned briefly above, when there doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day, you should consider waking up an hour earlier than usual and seeing what you can get done before your family is up and you have to get on with the normal rush and push of a work day and doing the school run. Be more efficient with your time, and learn how to manage it more effectively. Try not to waste time idly watching television, or chatting on the phone beyond sociable hours. Instead, get into bed earlier than you usually would, and wake up earlier in order to get to the gym, walk the dog, start reading a book, and get tasks completed. This should, in turn, free up some of your evenings so that you can spend your leisure time however you see fit.

Make The Most Of Spare Time

Has anyone ever used their free time by catching up on housework? I get it – but if you know you’ve got a day off from work, or your kids are going to be out of the house for a few hours, ensure that you’ve made solid plans to enjoy yourself over this period. If your idea of relaxation is to enjoy some blissful time immersing yourself in warm waters and having a long and undisturbed bath, then you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking control of nurturing your self-care routine. While you’re in the bath, also apply a natural facemask as well as a hair mask, enjoy some relaxing classical music, add a few drops of aromatherapy oil into the bath water, and light a handful of scented candles.

Making time for you shouldn’t be so hard – remember that in order to care for others, you must care for yourself.


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