3 Ways to Save Money on Transportation This Summer

3 Ways to Save Money on Transportation This Summer

The summer is typically the best time of year for family road trips and vacations to campsites or other outdoor areas, which means spending plenty of time driving back and forth and all around.

Your car is undoubtedly a convenience, but it’s also probably a source of expenses you’d like to reduce. Fortunately, you can cut costs without making too many sacrifices.

1. Use a Gas Prices App

Many apps help you save money on gas by providing current prices that help you make smart decisions about where and when to fill up your tank. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of using your app of choice whether you’re stopping for gas in your hometown or while traveling.

After all, unless you own an electric car, gas is something essential that you need to buy as a car owner. So, the less you can spend on it, the better.

If you find that a particular fuel retailer is consistently cheaper than the rest, inquire to see if that brand offers a loyalty program for people who get frequent fill-ups. If they do, you may be able to get gas discounts or other perks for regularly choosing that brand when your car needs gas.

2. Try Ride-Sharing

If there are empty seats in your car, you may as well use them to help others get to the same place you’re going or one that’s along the route. Ride-sharing is also a suitable option if you want to drive your car less often by depending on another person for a lift.

Kids who also attend your child’s school or play or the same sports team might need transportation assistance you could provide. It’s worth asking the parents to see what they think of the idea. You might work out a system where you provide transportation on two days per week and another parent helps out for three days.

Work out a system of compensation too, whether those involved exchange money or other perks, such as babysitting services, lawn mowing, dog walking, or home-cooked meals. You should find that ride-sharing helps you save money and could strengthen your relationships with friends and colleagues.

If you don’t know people who are interested in ride-sharing, try using a web portal that connects people who need rides with those able to give them. It could help you expand your circle of friends.

3. Keep Your Insurance Up to Date

Most U.S. states require drivers to have minimum amounts of auto insurance coverage before they take their cars on the road. Driving without realizing you don’t have the proper coverage or that your insurance has expired could result in substantial fines.

Consider also visiting insurance agents in your area to find out about your options. Another company may be able to provide cheaper rates than what you’re paying now. Similarly, some insurance businesses give reduced rates to their long-term customers or allow them to pay less after passing defensive driving courses.

When meeting with insurance experts, explain that your priority is to save money, and you’d like to explore ways to do that. Also, if your insurance needs change, contact your provider immediately to explain the details.

When your insurance company has the most current information about your driving habits and the type of car you own, it’ll be possible for you to get relevant information about how to keep your vehicle covered for the lowest price possible.

You can also ask if the provider gives bundled discounts. If so, you’ll pay less for getting several kinds of insurance from one company compared to dealing with several entities.

After taking advantage of these tips, you’ll see that owning a car isn’t quite as expensive as you’d thought. They’re useful for this summer and beyond.


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