Perfect Your Form and Master the Ultimate Full Body Exercise – The Complete Deadlift Guide

Perfect Your Form and Master the Ultimate Full Body Exercise – The Complete Deadlift Guide

Deadlifting- the weight lifting exercise where the loaded bar is lifted off the ground to the level of the hips and lowered back to the ground. This is one of the best exercises around especially if you want to focus on building muscles, burning your fat or gaining strength. But this can be done only if you know how to do it right else what happens next, we wouldn’t want to find out, would we?

Deadlifting is one of the three main powerlifting exercises along with the squats and bench press. You might be wondering why you need to deadlift and what are the advantages of the same right?  This exercise helps you to build a strong posterior chain, less fragile joints and a fabulous body of course! One of the best bingo sites to play bingo games online brings to you a detailed guide on how to perfectly master deadlifting- the complete exercise set.

With a very busy life schedule, it is not going to be every one of you who would be having time to enroll yourselves at a gym. For those of you wanting to master this exercise through YouTube videos, it isn’t exactly an advisable option unless you are 100% fit which is essential. Being completely fit is a necessity for this exercise mainly because it enables equal distribution of the lift’s stress across tissues rather than placing the entire load on a single portion of the body for which the best example is the lower back.

To avoid all such long-term pains, always make sure that you start with the hip hinge which is a basic human pattern of movement. This movement is like sitting back instead of sitting down and that is the minute difference between this movement and squatting. When you do a good hip hinge, you need to maintain a neutral spine while loading the hips and the posterior chain or the muscles along the backside.

Once that is done, you need to focus on the proper deadlifting form the steps of which are as listed below-

  • Your feet should be spread hip-width apart with your grip just outside your legs.
  • Make sure that use an overhand grip.
  • Your back should be completely flat i.e. neutral from the beginning to the end.
  • Your shoulders must stay back and down, the bar must be in contact with your legs during the entire range of motion.
  • Your hips and knees should move together to transfer the bar from the ground level to the upper thigh level.

In case you have a difficulty in maintaining a neutral back while steadying yourself to lift the bar, do not lift from the floor. There is this variation called the ‘Rack-Pull’ where you can elevate the bar on squat-rack pins or jerk boxes to a position in which you can flatten your spine.

Why Deadlifting? It is simply one of the best forms of exercises for developing that pure strength leading to athleticism. It is also one of those few lifts that directly targets the hamstrings, glutes, the upper back and the core back, thus giving you that perfect body posture and balance.


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