First Aid Tips For Toddlers
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First Aid Tips For Toddlers

When children are learning to walk, and gaining control of their balance, little accidents can be an everyday occurrence. The trouble is that toddlers can be notoriously difficult customers at times, and if they are hurt or injured, this is no exception. Sometimes they may even protest when you are trying to administer first aid. Here are some basic first aid tips for the most common emergencies.

Just a note: If you are concerned in any way that your child is injured and can’t be treated using items from a home first aid kit, then you should take them straight to the emergency room.

Dealing with cuts and grazes

Even though your toddler might have cut their finger, many of them don’t like the idea of having a band-aid applied to stop the bleeding. For some, it might not even matter that the bandages are covered with pictures of their favorite TV character. But there are other innovative ideas for looking after your wounds that can help. A spray-on bandage might help you in these circumstances, such as New-Skin Liquid, or Opsite Spray. It is particularly handy for grazed areas, where bandages might not be big enough, or for awkward areas to cover, such as elbows. Plus you won’t have to try and remove a stick-on bandage when the wound is healed.

Taking temperatures

Taking the temperature of a toddler using a traditional under-the-tongue thermometer is virtually impossible. However, these thermometers will give an accurate reading if placed in the armpit. Alternatively, you can invest in a pacifier with a built in thermometer. Another option is the strip thermometer that you can place on your toddler’s forehead. There are also infrared thermometers that are available that are extremely useful if you want to take a temperature reading while your little one is asleep. Finally look out for the Fever Scout, a wearable thermometer that transfers information straight to your smartphone.

Bumps and bruises

The most important thing about bumps and bruises is to treat them quickly, in order to prevent swelling. Toddlers can be a little fussy about having a bag of frozen peas plonked on them, so it’s worthwhile buying a reusable gel pack to put in your freezer. These are available in a variety of bright colors and characters, to appeal to even the fussiest of children. Applying arnica cream is also a good way of stopping bruised areas from swelling up, and can be bought from most drug stores.

Basic first aid for toddlers might take a little negotiation (and sometimes barefaced bribery).  With a little ingenuity, and often phrases like “magic cream and bandages,” you can help them get better quickly, so that they can carry on exploring their new world.


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