5 Ways to Motivate Your Kids (Without all the Nagging)
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5 Ways to Motivate Your Kids (Without all the Nagging)

How often do you find yourself asking your kids to do something? Especially when it is something that is clearly NOT their interests? It can be frustrating and to the point where the only way they understand is if you are either raising your voice or losing your mind. Don’t stress, we’ve all been there.

Rethink Your Reward

Many parents feel a natural inclination to reward their kids for good behavior, and rewards certainly have a role to play in motivating your kids. However, simply handing out rewards can ultimately have the opposite effect to the one you want.

In order for rewards to be effective, you need to use them sparingly. If young children get used to receiving a reward for their behavior, they can sometimes begin engaging in that behavior just to receive the reward. In some cases, this might be desirable, but not all good behaviors are behaviors that you want to encourage on a day to day basis.

Talk to Them More

The more you are able to communicate with your kids, the easier they will find it to communicate with you. Whether you are hoping to motivate them to do their homework with less fuss, or you want them to tidy their rooms now and then, don’t underestimate how important it is to communicate properly.

Many psychologists recommend having regular one-on-one conversations with your children. Children are naturally curious creatures so encouraging them to talk to you about their world will give you some insight into where this curiosity is leading them. The more you talk with your children, the more effective your motivational efforts will be.

Embrace Their Imperfections

No one is perfect, regardless of age. We all have our own individual quirks and imperfections, but these don’t define who we are. When it comes to our children, it is only natural that we hold an often-inflated view of them. While this is natural, it can be problematic. It is far healthier to help them to understand and accept their imperfections. By teaching your kids to embrace their imperfections, you will prevent them from becoming demotivated by them.

Consider What They’re Good at

As well as helping your children to accept their limitations, it is also important that you help them to see the value in the skills and passions that they do have. Identifying the things that your kids are good at will help to guide them towards other interests and hobbies you think they would enjoy. Reinforcing that you feel proud of their achievements can be a very effective way of motivating them.

Lead by Example

If your kids get used to seeing you demotivated, they will take their cues from you. Try to exemplify the kind of morals and attitudes that you want to impart to your children. For example, when it comes to encouraging them to do their homework, try getting down in the dirt with them. Use websites like Biology Junction to ensure that your own knowledge of the subjects your kids are studying is up to scratch.

Motivating your children isn’t always easy, in fact, it is often a near constant challenge. However, it is worth investing the time and effort needed to achieve this. Motivated kids will achieve more and have an easier time doing so and it will also make your life as a parent much easier!


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