The Importance Of Driving Safely

There are now more road users than ever, and that makes for an increased risk of accidents and incidents. Reckless driving puts drivers, passengers, and other road users in danger. As a license holder, you have a responsibility to take every precaution to be the most considerate motorist you can be. If you’re a parent to young children and teenagers, then you should be setting a safe example to them and educating them about the dangers of the road. Driving safely also limits the effects of the carbon footprint you leave, as steady control of your vehicle releases fewer gasses and toxic fumes.

Limit Risk Of Injury And Death

Driving under the influence of drink and drugs exponentially increases the chance of there being an accident on the road. It’s estimated that nearly a staggering 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, with a further 20-50 million injured or disabled. 37,461 perished on US roads alone in 2016 which was up by 5.6% from the previous year. Drink driving was up by 1.7%, whilst speeding was up by 4%. As the facts show, drink driving kills. You or a family member can benefit from seeking help to overcome dependence and addiction by visiting San Diego Rehab Centers and finding the road to recovery before it’s too late.

Financial Incentives

When you drive safely, your insurance premiums can be driven lower. The cost of your insurance is based on how many accidents you’re involved and how often you make a claim. So, if you drive safely, you can limit your risk of being involved in a collision, and as a result, ensure that the cost of your policy remains low. Consider having a tracker fitted to your vehicle to take note of how efficiently you brake and accelerate, and stay within the speed limit. If you drive with your job, it is particularly essential to ensure your driving is safe to ensure you can complete your job to the level required. Regardless of your industry, driving safely will mean the goods can be delivered, and you are representing your company to the best of your ability. If you are working within haulage industry, for example, researching used heavy equipment for sale can help you find a suitable vehicle to do your job efficiently.

Road improvements

Improvements and major road projects are continually being considered to make the roads safer for travel. Construction enables the routes to work more efficiently and allow cars to filter through more easily. Altering the roads can be done by widening roads, tarmacking, and laying the groundwork for more work to relieve congestion. Visibility can be improved by lessening how tight bends are, and using bright clear road marking for motorists to follow.

Waiting Times

Smaller accidents that don’t necessarily harm road users still have an effect on how efficiently traffic is able to flow. Holdups lead to congestion which in turn increases the cost of charges for traveling from A to B, as well as impacting negatively on the environment through air pollution and excessive road use. Disruption of road routes and schedules can lead to delays and further accidents. Long waiting times impact the economy if drivers are late to work, and emergency services are unable to gain access to long queues in order to reach the nearest hospital. Time is of the essence after a serious injury, and the longer the patient is waiting to receive urgent medical treatment, the increased risk of more serious and long-lasting damage.


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