Five Things That Happen When You Get a Pet

Five Things That Happen When You Get a Pet

Getting a pet is a serious matter and whatever denial-riddled thought bubble you currently live in, this will soon burst when you realize just how much your life is going to change. Be prepared with this list of five things that happen when you get a pet, and then decide whether adding an animal to your family is the right thing to do.

There will be poop

Whether you get a cat, a dog, or a gecko, you are in for a daily dose of poop. If your pet is a dog you will be scooping poop off the ground every time you go out, if you get a cat you will become familiar with cat litter, and as for a gecko, well they poop pretty regularly. Everyone and everything poops!

You will notice the financial burden

Okay, so you may not be flung into the depths of poverty just because you got a pet, but your purse will definitely be lighter. Vet bills, food, toys, bedding and boarding costs are just some of the money-sapping things that pets need, so you better have a stash of cash before you decide to get a pet.

There will somebody called Lady fudge carrot top in your house

If you let your kids name your newly acquired animal – and I’m sure you will as otherwise you’re a monster – your pet will have a nonsensical name that you will have to shout around your neighborhood when you are taking them for a walk or calling them in for food. Avoid embarrassing moments by presenting your kids with a list of acceptable names, by visiting a site like, for some sensible, yet adorable ideas.

Your pet becomes your screen saver

It’s not enough to bore your friends, colleagues, and even strangers, with image after image of your delightful pet, you will need to have a constant reminder of their cute face every time you look at your phone. Not to mention that your work desk photo of your family has been replaced by an image of you and Miss Tallulah Bell (you can’t even blame the kids for that name as you chose it yourself) …

You will wonder how you ever lived without them

How do other people survive without a lovable creature in their home, you will wonder? Life before Tiddles, or Tinker, or Princess will seem a lonely existence, and you will constantly be trying to convert non-pet people that getting a cat was the best thing you ever did. Never mind that you have had zero sleep since you got her because she insists on sleeping on your head, or that you can’t go out because she’s gone wandering and you don’t want her staying out all night. It’s all worth it for the opportunity to experience the love of an animal.

Seriously though a pet can be a brilliant addition to the family, but there are many things to consider before you commit to owning one. Do your research, and choose the right pet for you, and it truly could be the best thing you’ve ever done.


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