Family Travel Tips to Help You Survive a Road Trip

Family Travel Tips to Help You Survive a Road Trip

It can be difficult when your servicemember is away for long periods of time. Support from friends, family, and from other parents in your situation is key to getting through parenting, and you can get through it. What you might not realize, however, is that things can be just as challenging when your partner comes home. Take a family road trip, for example. Spending a vacation on the road with your partner and the kids while they are on leave might seem like the best way to reconnect, but unless you prepare correctly, things can get frustrating quickly. 

Making the Driving Easier

Driving for long periods of time on the road can be difficult, especially if the road in question is a highway. Avoid road fatigue and stay alert by planning plenty of stopping points on your trip. Another great way to ease the drive is to have a small tuck shop on hand. It means having plenty of refreshing drinks and tasty snacks ready to go so that the driver can stay more alert, and the passengers can be more comfortable.

Protect Your Belongings

On the road, phones, tablets, and computers can be a lifesaver. Your children can entertain themselves playing games, watching movies, or even listen to their favorite music. On road trips, however, there are equally as many chances that something they own is going to break, get stolen, or lost. It is for this reason that you should get them a cell phone wristlet. The case will protect the phone if it drops, where the wristlet will help them keep a hold on the phone. Whether they are borrowing your own device or have their own, being extra safe when traveling is a good rule to follow.

Set Ground Rules

After parenting by yourself, it can be difficult to share the responsibilities, much less share them in the tight confines of a car. It can become frustrating if, for instance, your partner tries to play the good guy when you are trying to discipline. Why they do this is simple; they want to get back into their children’s good graces as soon as possible, but this could strain relationships even more. It is for this reason that you should set ground rules from the start. Ensure that your partner knows that when disciplining happens, you two must be a united front and that you must learn how to communicate effectively.

Road trips are great bonding experiences. They let you see and experience the world in a personal, unique way, and the time you spend together will help forge strong relationships in the future. Getting through the first hurdle where everyone adjusts, however, can be a challenge, which is why you should follow these tips to make it through the adjustment period together as a family.


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