Don’t Let the Move Control You: You Control the Move!

Don’t Let the Move Control You: You Control the Move!

Moving is not anyone’s favorite thing to do. It is often expensive and it’s highly stressful with all the details that you have to take into consideration. The best thing you can do is to take your time (as much as you can), breathe a lot, and tackle each task through its completion. If you want to lessen the stress and ease up on your budget, here are some helpful tips to help you stay in control and have a smile on your face.

Consider Moving Services

Whether it’s cross-country, a state over, or a town nearby, a moving service can be a lifesaver. Companies like Allied Van Lines specialize in the art of moving. They will pack for you, load the truck, get it to the new location, and unpack for you. Everything is insured and they are trained well in protecting your items from being damaged. Renting a moving truck might be a cheap option but it can grow in expense when you have to cover the cost of fuel and meals while traveling. Those things add up fast and are included with a moving service.

Also, moving resources like Allconnect can help simplify the moving process. They are integrated with the top internet providers, eliminating the need to make multiple phone calls to find the right provider or service for your specific lifestyle.

Make A Budget And Stick To It

It is easy for it to get expensive when you are relocating. There are those tiny expenses you didn’t think about beforehand that you suddenly have to cover. Creating a moving budget means you can be prepared for everything long before it pops up. Here are the things you need to consider your budget:

  • Moving Company Fees (get everything you need in writing with the costs to see if it will be affordable. Ask about extra insurances, packing fees, etc. and create the contract that will be beneficial and affordable for you.)
  • Packing materials (boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, markers, tape)
  • Truck rental (if not using a moving company)
  • Extra equipment rentals (such as dollies to move big pieces)
  • Travel expenses (meals, fuel, etc)
  • Lodging (if your new home is not ready or you have a long distance to travel)

There are also ways to save money on these items. You can get friends and family involved to gather up packing supplies from their own garages or hit the grocery stores for some free boxes. If you need a hand truck, ask friends if they know anyone who will let you borrow them. Use Groupon and travel miles to get discounts on fuel, lodging, and food along the way.

Follow A Plan

A moving checklist is vital to your sanity and getting everything accomplished. When you take the time to create a plan of what needs to be done, in the order it should be done, it will make things go smoother. It can also give you the time to find money-saving techniques that you may not have considered before. You could even discover sales related to your move that you may have missed if you were in a mad dash to get things completed at last moment. If you prefer to hand-write your plan, go for it. It will ensure that you remember them easier and rely less on the plan. You can also use a spreadsheet that you can print out to refer to as you go. Or use your mobile phone to set reminders so that you don’t forget anything throughout the day.

Moving doesn’t have to be a headache and money-sucking that it tends to be. There will be moments when it gets tough but with careful planning and some organization, it will be easier to get through.


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