The Gift Of Giving: Charitable Giving In The Military

The Gift Of Giving: Charitable Giving In The Military

Since being founded in 2011, K9s For Warriors has graduated over 300 veterans and their dog’s thanks to the charitable giving of military service members, their families, and spouses. It’s incredible to think what can be achieved when those of us vested in the military dig deep into our hearts and donate. And not only are we able to help those in need and support causes dear to us, but we can also reap the personal benefits of boosting our wellbeing, and encourage charitable values in our families and friends around us.

Here’s how charitable donations can pass on the gift of giving to others, and some military organizations that could really use our help.

Giving Back Boosts Generosity And Values In You And Others

There are many military veterans and current service members that don’t get the support they need, however with a small act of kindness on our behalf, we can change lives and feel better about it. It’s been commonly found in studies that giving to charity boosts happiness, and this can affect those around us positively as well. By giving to those that serve for us, we foster these generous values in our family and friends, making us all much kinder, more empathetic and loving people. Moreover, it can motivate others to also give. That means, even if you can’t spare much, collectively you and those around you can raise a considerable amount that can change lives.

Charities That Need Help From Military Service Members And Families

In America, there are plenty of charities that need our support. For instance, Fisher House provides homes in and around military bases where families can stay for free while their military service member is undergoing medical care. Just through charitable donations, Fisher Houses serve almost 1000 families daily. Other charitable organizations along these lines include National Military Family, Defending the Blue Line, and Justice For Military Families.

In addition to these organizations, there are a plethora of ‘vetrepreneurs’, who have been inspired by the success of entrepreneurs like Jason Sugarman in setting up some of the most prosperous start-ups around. One shining example is Ronald J. Steptoe, a US military veteran who set up Warrior Centric Health, an eLearning program that eqips non-profit hospitals and medical personal with the skills to treat veterans and their families. So whether you’re thinking of donating to a national organization, or supporting some of our ‘vetrepreneurs’ in their charitable endeavors, make sure you dig deep and give generously.

The benefits of giving to military non-profit organizations are manifold. Not only do you foster values of generosity in yourself and those close to you, but you can also encourage others to give as well, leading by example. The effects of your small acts of generosity then become something much bigger; you are able to provide support to those military service members and veterans that need it the most.


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