Dealing with Life After the Military – You Are Not Alone

Dealing with Life After the Military – You Are Not Alone

Unless you’ve ever served in the military, you can’t imagine the hardships you might encounter when transitioning back to civilian life. You have just spent several years under a very precise and rigid lifestyle and all of a sudden you are virtually on your own. There is no sergeant or lieutenant to look up to for advice and if you are the ‘man of the house,’ that duty now falls upon you. But, are you ready for it? Most vets say they were totally unprepared for life as a civvy. The following are some suggestions for dealing with life after the military.

Don’t Let Financial Hardships Upset Your Family

One of the biggest concerns when transitioning to civilian life is finding a job that will support your family. If you took advantage of military scholarships while on active duty, you may have earned a college degree, but as yet aren’t employed. Unless you have minor dependents, you probably won’t qualify for cash aid from local and state governments, but if there are children in the home, the state will almost always qualify you for cash assistance.

It may not be enough to keep all the bills paid, but other outreach programs can provide assistance for utilities if you can establish a need. For example, Great Northern in California can help once a year with a utility bill and often that is enough to keep you going until gainful employment can be found. Talk to your local Social Services office to get a list of agencies that offer assistance to the financially needy in your community.

Learn to Cope with Physical and Emotional Pain

While PTSD is in the forefront of the news when it comes to service men and women returning home after a tour in war-torn countries, that isn’t the only pain vets suffer. Sometimes the physical stress of keeping in shape or injuries sustained in a skirmish can leave you with unimaginable pain. This is why innovative physicians like Rishin Patel Insight Medical Partners are seeking to help relieve patients of this pain.

As a leading Pennsylvania pain specialist and anesthesiologist, Dr. Patel knows well the effects severe, ongoing pain can have on anyone. Don’t suffer from pain without first consulting a specialist such as Dr. Patel! Sometimes the solution is easier than you think.

Find a Support Group Near You

In the end, remember that you are not alone. There are millions and millions of Americans who thank you for your service to this great land of ours. Also, there are many other vets who have gone through the transition and have leveled out in life. These seek to mentor newly transitioning veterans and so there are support groups in every state in the union.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to others who have gone through, or are continuing to experience, the same transitional pains you are now experiencing. If for no other reason, you can rest assured there are others like you and with that knowledge comes an understanding that all is not lost. You have brothers and sisters willing to share your pain and that may be all it takes to inspire you onto a road to stability. Indeed, all is not lost.


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