Weirdest Romantic Destinations

Weirdest Romantic Destinations

Think Paris and Venice are too stereotyped and hackneyed? If you really want a super romantic and unforgettable vacation with your significant other, check out’s top romantic honeymoon destinations and some really bizarre ones too!

Ice Hotel, Sweden

What else can be more romantic and heartwarming than cuddling up together wrapping in something really soft and cozy to get those romantic moments flowing. Well, if you ever stay at this remarkable Ice Hotel, you will need something more than just your bodies to keep warm. This tremendous still lovely hotel is made from 100% ice and snow and is only open for visitors during winter. Every year artists from all over the world arrive there to create one of the most romantic European destinations, carved from snow and ice. Normally, each artist is given his own room in this hotel to decorate it the way he wants, so a weekend here means visiting a true art museum like Louvre (with an expiration date). Be ready to bundle up in warm coats and blankets, because even beds there are made of solid ice blocks!

The Skeleton Church, The Czech Republic

It is a common knowledge that many churches and cathedrals are beautiful and romantic places to visit and experience. But this one…is definitely a lifetime experience! The church was built around 1400 and the decoration works were initiated in 1870. But the decorating was not accomplished with breathtaking artwork or sculptures, but rather numerous piles of human bones. At this place, you will find somewhere between 40,000 and 70,000 actual human bones used as a piece of décor. Macabre and yet enchanting this cathedral is viewed as one of the most romantic destinations in the world to be seen with your own eyes.

Cappadocia Cave Hotel, Turkey

Deservedly being one of the most romantic destinations in the world you can ever visit, this amazing place to stay while on vacation in Turkey is actually what it sounds like. A fine, luxurious hotel cut in the actual mountain cliff, featuring almost 30 rooms all created around the 6th century. You will also encounter a whole network of underground cities, chapels and some really beautiful rock drawings you will ever find. Thus, if you’re ready for a travel back in time and witness what it was like when people used to live in small yet cozy caves. Each room is totally quiet and peaceful what makes your vacation an ideal time for getting to know one another better.

Harbin Snow Sculpture Festival, China

This one is amid the top romantic vacation destinations you will truly never forget and it is a really magical life experience. The best sculptors from all corners of the world fly to China to create magnificent ice and snow sculptures. Not just being sculptures, these genuine masterpieces are built precisely to scale, so you can actually see Cinderella’s castle made completely of snow! These immense sculptures are beautiful from a distance, but during the festival, you can actually approach them and admire their grace. So take your lover with you, fight off the cold and experience something truly amazing!

World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain, Las Vegas

It is scientifically approved that chocolate is the strongest natural aphrodisiac and, well, who doesn’t love chocolate? At the Bellagio Hotel is located the world’s largest chocolate fountain. World famous pastry chef Jean Maury spent nearly a year and a half designing and building this monstrosity! The fountain itself is 27 feet tall and streams almost 2,100 pounds of pure chocolate. Three types of chocolate are running through the fountain and while you may not be able to eat directly from Maury’s creation, the local bakery offers many types of chocolate to taste. Return to your childhood and book a trip to see this one of the most romantic destinations in the world!


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