Get Your Home Ready for the Spring/Summer Season

Get Your Home Ready for the Spring/Summer Season

Whether you are a snowbird heading north as winter ends, or you are a permanent resident adjusting to the change in seasons, you need to prepare your home for spring and summer. Some actions you only need to take if you are leaving, such as shutting off the water supply to prevent flooding. Others are priorities only if you are staying, such as getting your swimming pool ready for increased usage. The rest is important to do no matter what your situation.

Protect Against Storms

Summer starts hurricane season, so you need to safeguard your house to avoid severe damage in a storm. This involves:

  • Installing hurricane shutters, screens, and windows
  • Putting storm bars on the inside of your garage door
  • Barricading against floodwater with sandbags
  • Keeping the yard landscaped and free of loose objects
  • Getting a generator and using surge protectors

Make sure your homeowner’s insurance is up-to-date and thorough. Prepare for disaster by having emergency kits on hand for all household members, including pets.

Check Your HVAC System

Air conditioning is a necessity for many areas. Getting through the summer heat and high humidity is unpleasant without a working air conditioner and dehumidifier. Even if you are leaving your home during the hot months, you need to check that your AC and dehumidifier work to avoid returning to mold and mildew problems.

Schedule a Home Pest Inspection

Tourists and bugs run rampant in summer. Tourists you can do nothing about, but bugs you can. Do not assume that because your house is clean and well-kept that you are immune to pest infestations. Tiny intruders will go anywhere they can, and you may not even notice until it is too late. It is best to call pest control services for an inspection every year to catch problems early and prevent further ones down the road. You especially do not want your welcoming party to be made up of harmful creatures when you come back home.

Bugs and rodents can carry diseases and cause structural damage to your residence. They also lower the value of your house if you are selling it or renting it out while you are away. The cost for regular pest removal Tampa offsets the high expense of a full-blown extermination order.

Enjoy the peace of mind that your home is clean and prepared. Call Terminix today to set up an initial pest inspection with follow-up appointments, so you can cross that off your to-do list.


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