Creating a Family Friendly Garden

Creating a Family Friendly Garden

Finding a balance between designing a garden that allows parents to relax and children to play doesn’t mean you have to separately share time outside. With careful planning, a garden can be transformed to suit everyone’s needs and fun. As long as it’s a safe area for children to play in, it’s a great way to keep military kids active and celebrate time with them when you see them again. If you’re in any doubt how to ensure your garden is family friendly, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Involve the whole family

Your garden is not just about enjoyment and playing about, it’s also about learning so when considering any design include your children in the plans. This will make it educational and also give them the confidence to share their ideas of what they want. Providing they don’t want anything too outlandish, they can draw out different zones, for example, a treehouse, play area, dining space, veggie plot, etc and this is also likely to cheer them up while mom or dad is away.

Keeping areas safe

There’s not much point creating a garden if you constantly have to keep an eye on your kids and their military friends while they play. Safety boundaries are likely to be set according to their ages and abilities so these can be adapted to suit the individual needs of your family. For example, if you have young children, a pond could be too risky, however, a safer alternative can be a pretty water fountain; not only do kids love water but adults will also get pleasure from a water feature in the garden.

Forward plan strategies

There are numerous ways you can incorporate kid-friendly backyard ideas but consider the positioning of the different elements of your garden so that, for example, their play area can be seen from as many angles of the house as possible. Similar advice also includes ensuring swings and slides are placed in an area of soft ground but doesn’t take over the entire lawn. The dangers in a garden can be limited by ensuring any plants aren’t spiky or poisonous and those plants that you love so much won’t have any chance of having been trampled on when you return home.

A garden doesn’t have to be dominated by having it as one huge play area but these simple additions and concerns can enhance the area for everyone to enjoy for years to come.


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