3 Things That Happen When You Have Spring Fever

3 Things That Happen When You Have Spring Fever

Goodbye winter, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Winter days can be agonizing for many of us who live through those three long months on the east coast. March is almost here and it is now starting to get warmer, the sun shines and there is a change in the way the air smells and feels. A delightful feeling or lift in our mood that starts to overcome us, like easily distracted children wanting to run out and play. You may anticipate spring cleaning, planting fresh flowers, walks around the block, and dinners alfresco.

While you may not physically have a fever, or be ill in bed (unless you have spring allergies… yuck!), you may all of a sudden experience a delightful feeling and change of spirit.

Webster’s dictionary defines spring fever as; a feeling of wanting to go outdoors and do things because spring is coming and the weather is getting warmer. Yes, spring fever is a real thing; it’s not just you wanting to explore your surroundings.

What happens to you once you start to get that longing feeling for spring?

Here are 3 Things That Signal You May Have Spring Fever:

You might be flooded with energy.

With winter ending, you might be feeling re-energized to get moving! The increase in sunlight helps, and sets off in our brains, almost like a trigger that is turned on. You are ready to do all those things that are put on the back burner throughout the winter; jogging, de-cluttering closets, or maybe starting a new hobby.

You may not eat as much.

To get through the winter season we tend to not only overeat but eat foods that aren’t exactly the healthiest. Everything from hot soups and heavy hot meals to hot chocolate and warm desserts. All of a sudden you may have the urge to order a fresh salad over that chicken and waffles combo. You may also notice that because you are so active, you are more conscious of what food choices you are making.

You might not sleep as long.

Unlike the long winter days, when spring has sprung, you may tend to get up earlier and go to bed later. Why? Daylight saving time sure does help with the sun coming out earlier and going down later, but you might also feel the urge to get a jump start on your day. You can thank all that extra energy for that!


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