Spring Break Fun! Make the Most Out of a Camping Trip

Spring Break Fun! Make the Most Out of a Camping Trip

Camping trips can be epic experiences, especially when you’re properly equipped to see and enjoy all that nature has to offer comfortably and conveniently. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of campers overlook a few key areas of preparation and are therefore burdened by unnecessary waiting times, tedious tasks, and other inconveniences or stumbling blocks along the way. Although there’s no right or wrong way to camp, as some people prefer the “roughing it” approach while others like to bring plenty of tech, there are certain measures you can take to help you create better memories and ensure that you’re not wasting your time:

1. Don’t Forget the Bikes

Going from place to place on foot can consume quite a bit of time and energy, so incorporating cycling into your journey is a good way to speed up the process of actually getting to the trails and scenic spots that you’re looking forward to, rather than spending much of your time in transit. If the rear of your vehicle isn’t properly equipped to store bicycles, then you may want to consider installing roof racks so you can travel with your bike instead of having to rent one at your destination.

2. Use a Hiking App

Sure, word of mouth and good ol’ fashioned park maps can introduce you to most of the common destinations, but if you really want greater insight into some of the lesser known trails as well as access to relevant reviews and recommendations then it would be best to utilize an advanced hiking app. These apps make it easier to choose and plan your route by providing information about trail difficulty and pictures of landmarks and highlights that you’ll encounter along the way. And before heading out on that hike, don’t forget to invest in a good walking or hiking stick.

3. Pack Plenty of Convenient Snacks

Hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities that you’ll be enjoying during your camping trip will demand a lot of energy and calories, and you don’t want to be feeling hungry or drained when you’re supposed to be having a good time. Although some hikers choose to carry heavier items like canned beans and vegetables, it may be wiser to only take more lightweight and convenient goods like snack bars and pre-made sandwiches. After all, it’s usually best to pack some bottled water as well, so you have to think about how heavy your full backpack is going to be.

4. Bring a Decent Camera

What’s the point of seeing and doing all that awesome stuff if you can’t share your memories with others later on? While most smartphones contain decent cameras, it goes without saying that an actual camera that is designed for professional photography would produce more ideal results. If you do decide to use a smartphone as your camera, be sure to bring back up batteries and use the highest resolution settings.

5. Don’t Forget to Pack for the Weather

Just because spring is here doesn’t mean you will have warm nights – even in the summer, you must prepare for cooler evenings. Ensure to pack clothing that will keep you warm as well as an outdoor blanket set to keep you cozy and warm. And be sure your equipment is waterproof such as a waterproof bag, to ensure your stuff stays dry and nothing gets ruined.

Allocate Sufficient Time

Finally, as a bonus tip – being in a rush during a camping trip is never fun, so make sure you’re realistic about how much time it will take to actually soak everything up leisurely.


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