Helping Moms Save Money on Quality Clothing

Helping Moms Save Money on Quality Clothing

When it comes to babies and kids clothes and accessories, there’s one brand that has exemplified quality for more than 150 years: Carter’s. Today they are the largest supplier of children’s clothing in the U.S. and Canada. Carter’s is the top brand chosen by new Moms and Consumer Reports lists Carter’s and their sister company, OshKosh, as one of the best for quality, value, selection, and service.

Carter’s has cornered the market on everything baby, owning some of the most recognizable brands in the thumb-sucking set, including:

  • OshKosh B’gosh
  • Genuine Kids
  • Child of Mine
  • Precious Firsts
  • Just One You
  • Simple Joys
  • Skip-Hop

In 2016 the retailer did it again, increasing net sales by 6% according to their annual report. That was their 28th consecutive year of sales growth. This record is untouched in any industry but is particularly impressive as brick and mortar storefronts continue to struggle.

Carter’s has been expanding their e-commerce presence with $650 million in sales for 2017 and more on the way.

Carter’s not only is doing everything right on the sales side of the market, they’re winning awards with their clothing designs. In 2017 they picked up an Ernie Award for the company of the year. The announcement pointed out that Carter’s dominates the 0-7-year-old clothing market with a full 18% market share.

Carter’s has a multi-channel business model geared toward reaching consumers of their products where they live. You’ll find Carter’s in outlet malls, featured by third-party vendors via licensing agreements, and of course, online. They are the largest supplier of kids clothes — sold in more than 18,000 retail location around the United States.

Not a company to rest on their laurels, Carter’s now has their investor’s eyes set on China, a $12 billion potential market, according to their annual report. Knowing Carter’s they’ll take that market, too.

Carter’s is known for durable, cute children’s clothing, but they also focus strongly on giving consumers more bang for their buck. Shoppers can go here for a whole page of Carter’s coupons, including:

  • 20% off a $50 online purchase.
  • Get 25% off a purchase of $60 for referring a friend – plus the fried gets another $15 off their first $50 shop instore or online.

On the top right-hand corner of the Carter’s website, visitors will also see a tab called “Rewarding Moments.”

The Carter’s rewards program gives shoppers a $1 back for every $1 they spend. For every 100 points, shoppers get back a $10 reward coupon. In addition to Carter’s special offers and doorbusters, the retailer not only emphasizes quality — they foster quantity!

Each of the Carter brands online offers a variety of deals, promo codes, and in-store coupons. For example, visitors to the OshKosh B’Gosh tab off the Carter’s site are immediately presented with the option to sign up for special email deals.


Osh Kosh and Skip Hop also qualify for Carter’s rewards program — good times!

So where can smart shoppers find more coupons for Carter-sizing their kids wardrobes?

Let’s start with one of our favorites, Dealspotr.

Dealspotr is always a safe bet for two reasons: One, they have a wide selection of promo codes; and, two, the promo codes actually work! Shoppers who have ever filled up a cart and then had a non-working promo code understand the basic problem inherent in non-validated codes with fine print that never seem to work. Dealspotr has a whole community of shoppers that share promo codes they’ve actually used. The site ranks the codes for their likelihood of working, which saves a lot of time and a lot of cash.

Shoppers looking for Carter’s promo codes can simply use the search window at the top of the site that says “Find a store, product, or influencer.” Type in “Carters” to go to an entire page of validated Carter’s promo codes.

There’s a second, more general way to search on the Dealspotr site, by doing a keyword search for “babies” or “kids.” It takes you to a page that is filled with all kinds of promo codes for stores selling children’s products. It takes a little sorting, but Carter’s promo codes are on this page, too.

Dealspotr works just fine for the consumer that doesn’t want the hassle of signing up, however, there are a plethora of benefits from signing up, including a social media feed that alerts members to new deals just added to the site, and a rewards program.

Now let’s compare Dealspotr and the Carter’s coupon site to another promo code site, CouponGreat.

CouponGreat is a pretty no-nonsense site which makes for a simple interface that’s fairly easy to navigate. But it lacks the flourishes of Dealspotr. This is simply a coupon site. To get to Carter’s promo codes, type in “Carters” in the search feature at the top of the homepage. The Carter’s page lacks even a logo, but it does look like a sort is possible by printable in-store coupons versus online promo codes, which is a nice feature.

Clicking on the “Click to View Coupon” button takes the visitor to a printable coupon. Under the couple is a clickable button that lets visitors search for online promo codes.

Unfortunately, the site then takes the visitor to some strange pastel landscape that has nothing to do with Carter’s. It appears the user can click for a promo code, but weren’t we shopping for our non-furry kids? #confused

It appears the visitor can backtrack and sign up for rewards points and search for more promo codes or coupons, but the site lacks the user-friendliness of the Dealspotr site, so it’s not one of our favorites.

Shop Carter’s for the Best Quality and the Best Deals on Kids Clothes 

Parents know that when it comes to kids clothes, quality matters. Kids are tough on clothing, and their sensitive skin is sensitive to rough edges and fabrics. That’s one of the reasons Carter’s is so appealing; high quality, great design, and durable outfits for little sturdy toddler knees.

But Carter’s has also picked up on the second rule of thumb that any parent will tell you; children are darned expensive. That’s why Carter’s emphasis on great prices and special deals make for a one-two punch of popularity with parents everywhere. When you couple the Carter’s site with an online promo code site it’s a win-win for everyone involved.


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