Escape the high prices of Sydney and check out land in Mount Druitt and Kellyville

Ready to find a new address or investment property that makes the best financial sense? The question really is the location. At the get-go, our recommendations would be either Mount Druitt or Kellyville especially if you’re looking to escape the high prices of Sydney without going too far away from the city centre itself.

We’ll build this article around why land for sale in Sydney’s premier locations should be in your top list of consideration, starting with Mount Druitt and the nearby Kellyville. Here we go!

Mount Druitt

For years have seen its status improve and skyrocket to become a new hotspot in the Sydney property market for years now. It’s typical for houses to sell for around $780,000, which have smashed the previous suburb record of $569,950.

The suburb has emerged as a hotspot for multiple buyer types from being just considered an entry point for homeowners. In fact, the record sale more than doubled the suburb’s median price of $355,000 and have established a new benchmark for great quality local properties, based on real estate experts.

Great new developments

New developments have built spectacular houses both structurally and aesthetically, which is why they have such a great price. It’s normal for a lot of buyers to want it but just couldn’t afford it. There are generally no sales above $550,000 in Mount Druitt, but since older houses are going up in price only means a top end market has become a reality.

Average houses on decent blocks are now going for around $430,000 and more since there are too many buyers. And whenever one sells, the next will surely sell for a bit more. Demand for property is out stripping supply across the greater Sydney area, but Mount Druitt, in particular, is under more pressure.

Families look to purchase since it’s still fairly affordable and interest rates are low. On the other hand, property investors are also buying in, looking for high yields at a low purchase base.


House prices have soared in Kellyville following the demand for land at a premium and infrastructure on the way. The median price of a Kellyville house grew 55 percent since 2010, in view of Sydney’s average over the same period was 46.6 percent growth.

Kellyville’s current median house price estimate is $1,027,000. It was $662,500 just five years ago.

Unlike the inner city where a million dollars will buy you just enough room to pace in silence, Kellyville has plenty of freestanding home with ample backyard, which effectively attracts young families to the area. The quarter-acre block dream draws in families, plus there’s also a good mix of housing options available, appealing to a wide range of investors, new homeowners and even downsizers.

Kellyville and its many upgrades

The area is booming but it hasn’t lost its rural charm. It’s still fun and possible to wander down wide suburban streets see farmers at work, open space is plentiful here indeed.

The North West Rail Link is being built, which will surely pose a positive impact on property prices here. Better access to Rouse Hill Town Centre and the updates to Kellyville Plaza will also lead to boosted demand among families, effectively pushing the number of households past 10,000.

Thousands of new homes are under constructions in these prime locations, one more prime land for sale in Sydney, Jordan Springs, is ready for new families and wise real estate investors. There’s a long list of eager buyers who are keen to get in on the action, so it’s in your best interest to decide if this boom location a short drive from the CBD is the right choice. Best of luck!


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