3 Sleeping Posture Tips to Waking Up Feeling Great

3 Sleeping Posture Tips to Waking Up Feeling Great

When I read the words of Dalai Lama – “Sleep is the best meditation” – I thought they best describe what happens to our brain and body while sleeping. We unwind and let go of all the problems and negative energies of the day. The better the sleep we get, the more energized we feel the next morning.

The science of sleep urges us to pay attention to the details that favor a proper rest, such as room ambiance, lack of electronic devices, the mattress underneath us and the sleeping position. Indeed, the way we sleep impacts not just how we feel in the morning, but also our overall health. Let’s take a look at which sleep positions are best for us:

Back sleeping

Studies show that only 8% of people sleep on their backs, although this is the position most doctors would recommend as the healthiest option. When being on your back, your head, neck, and spine rest neutrally, with no additional pressure on them. That way you’ll wake up feeling great, with no pain and no drowsiness. One crucial thing to remember when opting for this position, though: you need to keep your head a bit elevated and to give it the proper support. Either use a backing pillow or choose a mattress that will hold your head correctly – Try Mattress gives you great reviews on the best products to address such a particular need. The downside of this sleeping posture can be severe snoring, but a right support for your head can rule this out.

Left side sleeping

Experts have concluded that sleeping on our left side is the key to waking up refreshed. This posture improves the circulation of the lymphatic system, and thus the body will filter toxins and waste better. Proper blood flow, smooth digestion, benefits for our heart and spleen – these are all advantages we get from sleeping on the left side of our body. Even doctors recommend it, especially for those suffering from heartburn or acid reflux, but also for pregnant women. There might be one or two inconveniences for this sleeping position: arm numbness (if you sleep with your arm under your head) or extra pressure on the stomach and the lungs. A wise solution would be to alternate sides during the night. The harsh truth is, you can’t always regulate your desired sleeping positions unless the mattress supports well. Thereby, you must have to figure out the suitable mattress perfect for the particular sleeping position. Learn more from the MattressPicks.

Fetal position

According to sleep science, over 40% of the adults favor this position, which makes it the most popular one. As distinct from only sleeping on a side, this posture means curling up your knees and arching your torso – to the right or the left. You need to be careful though, as being twirled too tightly may affect breathing in your diaphragm. Let your body at ease and make sure you sleep on a mattress that’s firm enough to sustain this posture. Better yet, go for a bigger size, that way you’ll have more space – especially if you don’t sleep alone. Find the best mattress that suits you and enjoy a relaxing sleep embracing the fetal position. I’ve got just one important tip here: put a pillow between your knees to reduce the tension on your hips and visit websites like this trymattress.com/best-queen-mattress/

Try sleeping in any of these positions and see which is best for you! That way you’ll enjoy a well-deserved rest, and you’ll feel amazing in the morning.


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