Is Now The Time For A Career Change? Consider This…
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Is Now The Time For A Career Change? Consider This…

Many people don’t have that luxury of doing a job that they are proud of or feel passionate about. Some really struggle to know exactly what direction they want to take with their career, so often can end up falling into a job that is just there purely to pay the bills and nothing else. However, it is never too late to make some changes to your life and your career is one area you can do it. Too many times you might think that age isn’t on your side or perhaps it is risky to leave a secure job, but life is too short to think like that. Which is why I wanted to share with you some of the tips that could help you make that change in your life.

Take a long hard look at your resume

Changing your career means you need to start actively looking and applying for jobs, and while this can get time consuming and boring, it is a necessary action to take. One thing that is essential during this process is your resume. The ideal time to look it over and ensure it is completely up to date is right now. You should also tailor your resume to the type of job you are hoping to get. Highlight your experience that you have and how that could work well within a particular field or industry.

Consider training in a different field

A complete career change may mean that you have to go back and study and gain some form of qualifications. This might be more specific to industries like engineering, for example, where certain levels of knowledge and qualifications might be needed. However, heading online for things like an engineering MBAIt can be similar to the industry and could help you gain the confidence and expertise you need to pursue the career you want to change to. Looking for a job to do from the comfort of your home? You can teach English to children in Japan. More information here: English Teaching Jobs in Japan.

Take time to research the industry and the job

Once your resume is up to date and you have studied and gained relevant qualifications, you can now begin your job hunt and research into the industry and job itself could prove useful. Look at the market leaders in the industry, explore their websites and even perhaps get in touch with senior management and email your CV. You may also look for other things you are taking into consideration such as the compensation. If the average salary for a software engineer interests you, filter your options. Wages may also vary depending on your expertise and the location of the company you’re planning to apply for.

This is especially useful if you find yourself getting an interview with specific companies. Knowing a bit about them and their history shows initiative and ambition to succeed in the job role you have applied for.

Have the confidence and self-belief

Finally, it can take a real leap of faith to jump into a whole new career, and often people can lack the confidence to do it. But having the drive and the self-belief will help you to succeed and it all starts with you and making that life-changing decision.

I hope that these tips help to give you the motivation to find a career that you can enjoy and feel passionate about.


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