Metal Garden Hose vs. Rubber Garden Hose Which One to Choose

Gardening is one of the most tranquil and enjoyable hobbies. When you are looking for different ways to rewind and relax, gardening comes as a perfect option to ponder. But before entering into the garden and taking care of your plants, it becomes necessary to get equipped with all the essentialities of gardening.

While many tools assist in gardening, there is one product which you can’t escape at all- a garden hose. Where there are plants, you require water to nurture them. This is when a perfect garden hose comes in handy. Also called as hosepipe or simply hose, it is a flexible tube that comprises attachments like sprayers and sprinklers and used to convey water.

A garden hose is not only functional to water the plants of the garden, but you may also use for other purposes like:

  • Outdoor cleaning of items like vehicles, machinery, building exteriors
  • Bathing the animals or pets in the home.
  • Connecting drinkable water to recreational vehicles and trailers (NSF approved hoses only)

No matter what kind of plants you have in your garden, picking the best garden hose is essential. Splurging on a cheap garden hose might lead to episodes of frustration as your intention of watering the plant with perfection will not get fulfilled. At the same time, your plants could wither and die.

Therefore, here we have provided a comparative content between a metal garden hose and a rubber garden hose. If your dilemma lies between these two different types of garden hoses, the information below will help manifolds.

Metal Garden Hose

Metal garden hose is generally made up of stainless steel. Therefore, when it comes to durability, they score more points. Apart from this, different factors determine whether a metal garden hose is perfect for your purposes or not. Some of them are as follows:

  • Metal garden hoses do not kink. They are highly flexible and can be moved around any corner of the garden without any hassle.
  • They do not puncture easily which is very common in a rubber garden hose. You may use it as long as you can without the fear of getting any unwanted piercing.
  • Since the material used in their manufacturing is stainless steel the chances of its damage by pet seize completely. While dogs love to chew the rubber while playing in the garden. Your metal garden hose will remain safe.
  • They will never get dull or dry out no matter how long you keep them under the sun. Also, they won’t get hot under the sun unlike a garden hose made up of rubber.
  • Coiling or unreeling a metal garden hose is the easiest task and you may accomplish without anybody’s help.

Rubber garden hose– If we compare rubber with metal regarding longevity, many factors will determine the same. Although rubber garden hoses are durable and last longer, there are few drawbacks of it over the metal. Let us know the key features of a rubber garden hose.

  • Most of the times a rubber garden hose is reinforced with a nylon tire cord or polyester. It makes them highly durable and worthy enough to use all the time. They are meant for toughest watering jobs and can perform the function with utmost perfection.
  • Rubber hose can be used for both hot and cold water. Whether you have to water your plants or wash your pet, you can allow the flow of water at any temperature without any worries.
  • They are resistant to kinks and cracking however when compared to the metal garden hose; they score fewer points.
  • If you have a rubber garden hose, you can’t store it anywhere randomly. You need to take special care while storing and avoid keeping it under the direct sunlight. Since rubber is prone to UV damage, you may lose your hose as it may shrink or contract.
  • Rubber garden hoses are lighter in weight as compared to the metal garden hose. Although they are also little tough to move around a big garden, they are still easy to tackle. Coiling them up after the completion of work is also a little tricky.

So, if we evaluate the major features, a metal garden hose excels in most of the points and thereby become a better option to consider. However, the final choice depends upon your feasibility, type of work you will conduct and of course the budget.


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