Why You Should Travel During Shoulder or Off-Peak Season

Why You Should Travel During Shoulder or Off-Peak Season

The fall travel season is finally beckoning, and there are endless possibilities for the next trip you want to take. Plenty of time at your disposal is just a single aspect of what it takes to get away to your desired destination. Assuming that you are already fit for the kind of trip you want, the great challenge now trickles down to paying for your trip. For individuals who are putting their kids through college or have downshifted at work, traveling funds can be tight. However, the truth is that even the seasoned budget travelers are not “cheap” in the old sense of the word. They just make good of every dollar they have.

Here are a few secrets that every traveler should know about traveling abroad cheaply without skimping where it really matters.

Pack Light

If you can fit all your necessities for a trip in a single carry-on bag, great! If it’s the contrary, you need to reevaluate what you might need for the trip. Seasoned budget travelers save a lot of money by skipping the checked-bag fees, which can pile up quickly on some of the most basic itineraries. If you are flying anywhere in the United States on American Airlines, Delta or any other major carrier, you will have to part with $50 for a single bag check.

The killer tip is to prepare a packing list, chop off anything you will not need for the trip and stroll onto the plane with an ultra light bag. A small and light baby travel system is a must if you have infants.

Travel during Shoulder or Off-Peak Season

To travel cheaply on vacation, it is best that you visit during your destination’s off-peak season. If summer is the most popular season to visit, schedule your trip for the winter. You will save a lot of money on everything from accommodations and flights to rental car prices and meals. But of course there is a good reason why the off-season is not popular with tourists, and it often comes down to the weather. If that is a determining factor in your decision, schedule your trip during the shoulder season when everything is still open, when crowds are noticeably small and the weather being on the cusp of turning.

Consider Alternate Airports

The destination you fly is as essential as the season you fly. A majority of the major cities abroad are typically served by alternate airports which are, in most cases, home to several low-cost airlines. If your destination is a location on the outskirts of a major city, you should consider flying to an outlying airport which could even get you nearer to your destination.

Do Your Research Well

Knowing where to shop, eat, the neighborhoods to stay in or visit, which days you’ll pay discounted fees for museums or parks, and how to get to your destination are just some of the few skills of a seasoned budget traveler. Although it is not glamorous, researching your final destination before getting there can help you set your budget right. You can take advantage of the numerous online resources like TripAdvisor to get a lot of information about saving money at your destination.


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