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Landing A Civilian Job After Leaving The Military: 3 Helpful Tips

Leaving the military and embracing civilian life can be a sigh of relief for many military families. It doesn’t come without its challenges, especially when it comes to finding work.  It should be because, as a military service member you have acquired skills and a work ethic that many civilians can only dream of. The problem is your long and distinguished track-record of hard-work and easy to measure success came within the strict structure that the military upholds and ingrains in your from day one, which doesn’t translate so easily into civilian life, as hard as that pill is to swallow.

So, to help you make the transition and land yourself a job once you have become a veteran, here are a few tips to help you make the adjustment and encourage success. It isn’t easy, but it is possible.

Be Empathetic To Their Interpretations

You have led a life where your skills and respect were gained in a very different way to they are in the normal world, and the way the normal world perceives ex-military people is what may work against you. Veterans are perceived to be intense, rigid, hard to bond with and intimidating, which aren’t the ideal characteristics of an employee in a workplace. As such, you need to start focusing on the way you communicate to your new audience. It is as formal as the military, so make sure you are thinking about your tone of voice, posture, answers and general communication. This will help you no end.

Know What You Offer An Employer

This is something else that can be quite hard to get your head around, but every potential employer expects you to know what your strengths are and how they will ensure you do the best job possible. All they want is someone that will either make them or save them enough money to justify hiring you. It could be you were a pilot in the forces, in which case you could land a job as a UPS pilot, explaining how you have flown in all sorts of difficult situations meaning you will deliver increased experience and safety. If this is you, then look at UPS application and employment details here. Of course, most military personnel won’t have skills or titles that are so easily transferable, and knowing how your military skills translate into roles and responsibilities in the civilian world is a challenge. However, without knowing this you will find it very hard to focus your search and see results.

Market Yourself In The Right Way

You know how we told you to start tweaking the way you communicate with potential employers? You need to tweak your online presence in the same way. You need to send the right message and that means marketing yourself properly with social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. All employers use social media to screen applicants, so what yours says about you is crucial. By all means, have a LinkedIn photo wearing your uniform, but just make sure you are smiling. The reason for this is simple: in the civilian world of employment, personality is worth more than technical skill and so you will be evaluated on this. It could also mean going back to school to have that extra something on your profile. When it comes to Facebook, try and upload photos of you having fun outside of the military, helping the local community and have status’ that send a positive message. As for Twitter, this can be used as a means to start tweeting about the industry you are interested in. You’ll be surprised how far a proactive attitude can go when it comes to impressing hiring managers.


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