3 Degrees to Pursue After the Military
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3 Degrees to Pursue After the Military

If you’ve been living the military life, it’s possible you’ve only known one career. Perhaps you got into the military when you were a teenager and served your time there. Or, it’s entirely possible you followed the military path as you couldn’t find another job. Regardless, a lot of people serve in the military and haven’t had a previous career.

So, when your time in the military comes to an end, what are the next steps to take? I’ve already written a post about landing a civilian job after leaving the service, and you should read that if you’re looking to find a job right away.

The purpose of this article is to open your eyes to the possibility of going to college and getting a degree. With a degree, you’ve got a key that can unlock new career options for you after the military. It can put you on a completely different path and help you change careers. As such, I thought it would be handy to list a few degrees you should pursue when you return from the service. What makes these degrees interesting is that they already call upon some of your existing military training, which can help you slide into a new career with ease.


Social Worker Degree

A degree in social work can be great for someone that’s just left the military. Think about it, what do social workers do? They spend their time helping other people and resolving tense situations. They can go to people’s houses and deal with domestic disputes, it’s a job where the main prerogative is to know how to handle tricky situations and resolve conflicts. There are lots of licensed clinical social worker degrees from various institutions that you can pursue. You’re bound to find a college that will accept you, and there are lots of job opportunities afterward too. This degree is a great fit for someone that’s served in the military and is looking for a change of career.

Criminology Degree

While you will take many of the same classes in pursuing either criminology or criminal justice degrees, there are a few differences between the two. Criminology is a behavioral science that looks more at criminals and the social ramifications of crime, while criminal justice is more concerned with the legal system itself and the administrative side of things such as the courts and correctional system. Through your studies, you will understand how the law works and how criminals think. As you can already tell, these are degrees that many veterans consider once they leave the service. This is because the whole premise of being in the military is to serve your country and protect people from the bad guys. It’s understandable to want to pursue a career along with a similar line of thinking once you leave the military. The great thing about a criminology or criminal justice degree is that they open the door to lots of different careers. You will have qualifications and knowledge to go after jobs involving crime and the criminal justice system. This can include things like a criminal investigator, parole officer, or even a security agent. These are all jobs that will also call upon the previous skills that you learned in your military career. With either degree, you have the perfect segue into a new career that utilizes all of your existing skills and knowledge as well as adding new strings to your bow.”\

Business Management Degree

A lot of veterans probably don’t see themselves going from battlefield to boardroom. However, business management jobs can be the perfect fit for someone that served in the military. Let’s consider what managers and management consultants do for a living. They’re in charge of lots of people, they need to come up with plans and learn how to strategize effectively. Sound familiar? This is the type of thing a lot of veterans had to do during their service years. The difference is that you were coming up with strategies to defeat an enemy and were in charge of a group of troops. This is where the degree comes into play as it helps you take the leadership and management skills you already have, and focus them on business. It’s a good degree to pursue as there are great career prospects.

There are some great degrees you can pursue if you’re looking for a career change. What’s more, they all call upon your military skills so you can put them to good use as well.


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