Frugal Wardrobe: Up-cycle Your Old Clothes
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Frugal Wardrobe: Up-cycle Your Old Clothes

Consumerism might be convenient, but it costs us some valuable money-saving skills. There was a time when people knew how to darn socks instead of going to the store every time a hole appeared. Using these same skills, you could breathe some new life into your old wardrobe without blowing your budget. As an added bonus, you might end up with a style so unique or retro, that everyone will demand to know where you shop.

Check the back of your closet

Before you get started, you need to know which clothes will be your starting point. Hidden in the back of your closet are clothes that you used to love so much, but haven’t worn in years for various reasons; maybe they don’t fit as well as they used to, they’ve gone out of style, or your sense of fashion has changed. Separate the clothes you’d like to keep from the ones you’ll donate to charity. You don’t necessarily have to throw them out because they’re too small or too large; you could work some magic to adjust the size, or you could cut up the material and make an entirely new item.

Get creative

Now is the time to release your inner fashion designer. If you have items of clothing that you still love, but are a bit worn out, simply repair the holes with a needle or sewing machine and wear them again with pride. You might want to practice a few techniques on some smaller scraps of fabric, try to learn the easiest way to use a sewing machine from someone who already knows a few tricks, or from some handy internet guides. If the clothes you found at the back of your wardrobe don’t quite match your taste anymore, give them a fresh look before you consider throwing them away; they can have new life as pajamas, skirts, or even handbags. No one else will have your fabulous new wardrobe.

Stained clothes

Despite your best efforts, there are some stains that just won’t come out of old clothes. Sometimes the repeated attempts to remove that dried coffee stain damages the fabric too much in the process. But before you throw away the item in question, have you thought about covering it up? Patch t-shirts give a ratty shirt a delightful vintage look. Fix noticeable rips in jeans using subtle fabric inserts, or use lace to make them look more distinguished.

Buy second hand

What some call ‘old,’ others call ‘retro.’ You won’t find a better selection of classy, vintage, or comfortable clothing anywhere else. If you want something of a higher quality, go to shops in upscale neighborhoods and get something stunning for a fraction of its high street cost. If you see something you love but it’s too small, you can add some lace panels on the sides and create an entirely new design. There are plenty of online tutorials to show you how to do this if you’re unsure of the method.


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