5 Things That Make Military Families Wonderful

5 Things That Make Military Families Wonderful

5 Things That Make Military Families Wonderful - USAA Member CommunityOver the last 16 years, America has been keeping a close eye on military families. Anywhere from the media to military leaders, politicians, and even television specials. Our own lives have been dissected and studied closely in hopes of helping others understand just a bit about what it feels like living the military life, and also bringing awareness on how to support military families across the globe.

Based on what we have seen, and have been through, there are various things that make us wonderful. Here are 5 things that in my opinion make military families wonderful:

We are military families because we choose to be. Long gone are the days where service members are drafted. Military families today have a choice and that choice is to serve. We have such a strong sense of pride too; we make this life ours.

We are neighbors to all. As a National Guard family, we live in a predominantly civilian neighborhood. Military families that choose to live off base, or perhaps are stationed somewhere that is not highly populated by the military community, live in normal civilian neighborhoods. We may be proud, but we are modest. We don’t typically shout from the rooftop that we are a military family, but we sure do love to be a part of the community. We bloom where we are planted.

We are great at building communities. Generally, we want to blend into our community, no matter where we live. I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb or be the “poor spouse” of a deployed service member. For me and many of my peers, we don’t make it known we have a spouse deployed or away. We tend to blend right in because we need to feel a part of a community. We can depend on our communities to not only receive support to give support as well.

Military families are determined to have it all.  On top of frequent moves, separations and the stressors that military life throws our way, we are great at balancing it all and taking on the responsibility of both civilian and military communities. When we feel overwhelmed, we know that moving forward is the only way to go. We make it a priority to ensure our children aren’t missing out on anything and are also happy to jump in and help others in or out of the military community. We don’t want to miss the opportunities either life gives us.

We make amazing friends and are loyal. I find military families don’t take much for granted, so we can truly appreciate and honor the good friendships that others give. In the end, we make life-long friends.

What makes military families unique and wonderful? I’d love to know your opinion. Share with us in the comments below.


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