Making changes: Seeking Help to Cope with Impairments

Home improvements are something all homeowners consider at some point. Plans to bring a fresh look or update and modernize features within your house are carried out for a range of reasons. However, sometimes it is a necessity that provides the motivation for change.

Modifications are often needed in the home to aid people dealing with problems associated with old age or disabilities. From improving access and changing floor surfaces to creating customized apartments, there are many changes which can be implemented. McGuire Property Management & Sales advises landlords and property investors to implement some of these ideas so they can rent to wider range of tenants. For service men and women who are injured in the line of duty, assistance is available to make life more comfortable.

Government Aid

The Department of Veterans Affairs is an agency set up to ensure ex-military personnel can enjoy a reasonably high standard of living. As the government’s official department for providing such support, they offer a wealth of information which can point you in the right direction.

Depending upon the nature of your impairment, there are different schemes which could provide you with help. There’s a range of grants and programs available to people suffering service-connected disabilities. This includes both financial packages to fund housing adaptations and those which provide rehabilitation services.

Independent Schemes

Support can also be found in the form of specialised charities. There are literally hundreds of such organisations set up to provide specific types of assistance. Some are area-specific while others are aimed to assist particular needs or help overcome singular problems.

With umbrella organisations such as acting as a directory for these resources, they can be uncovered with only a little research. There are also many support groups both online and in local communities which can provide advice and additional support.

With many schemes, both government-funded and independent, money can be awarded as either a grant or a loan with favourable rates. If this is something you receive, you will then often need to organise for the work to be completed yourself.

Find the right contractor

While some house modifications can be completed yourself, often professional help is required. Whether this is for specialist jobs or to complete a project in its entirety, the same principles need to be applied in choosing a contractor.

Finding high-quality, reliable contractors may sound easy but can prove a hugely challenging task. The key to this challenge lies in research and should not be a step avoided. There are many places you can look to check the background of a contractor, such as:

  • Recommendations from people you know
  • Recommendations from official military support services
  • Checking they have an authentic website and physical address
  • Confirming they are experts in the type of work you require
  • Provide clarity in working practices
  • Confirm they hold appropriate certificates and insurance
  • Ask for references and follow them up to validate their credentials

Any decision should begin with a minimum of three separate quotes for the work. Although financial factors should not be the sole element in the decision-making process, it will help you know the standard cost for any particular job. This way, you are far less likely to pay above the industry rates. If one quote is noticeably cheaper than all others, caution should also be heeded. If something looks too good to be true, it often is.


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