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Everything You Need to Know About Buying A Home For A Large Family

The number of children you have is a very personal decision. It is also a matter that is not entirely down to choice because nature plays a role. However, if you have been blessed with a large family, you need to think carefully about choosing a home. Children grow! A house that suits you now may not suit you in a few years’ time so it is a good idea to think ahead.

Organizing your move

You need the help of moving companies when you have a large family to get from one house to another because there will simply be too many possessions for you to do it yourself. The company will also help you to de-clutter and pack up if that is what you need. Your possessions will arrive in an organized way and will be placed in the room where you need them to be ready for unpacking. Children can be very impatient about getting at their things after a move!

A basement or attic space is vital

Young kids like to be with you all the time but older kids want their privacy. They like to have an area where they can have their friends over and have minimal interference from you and their younger siblings. If it’s big enough to fit in a games console that is even better. They also like to have slumber parties and these can involve a lot of kids who may not fit into a bedroom. An attic or basement space is ideal. Space is also useful for older children who are living at home while attending college.

A big yard will save your sanity

Kids of all ages need to let off steam and it is not always safe or practical for them to go to a local park. If you have a large yard area with your house they can kick a ball around whilst you fix the lunch. You can also host amazing birthday parties for their friends and family gatherings.

Most kids want to have a pet at some stage in their lives and a large yard enables you to have pets in hutches and even dogs if you want to.

Invest in as many bedrooms as you can afford

Ideally, each child will have their own room. When children are younger they are often happy to share but this changes when they become teens. They will want their own space and may see their sibling as an imposter.

Try to have at least two bathrooms and preferably more. This can prevent a queue forming in the mornings and a lot of arguments!

Storage space is very important

Kids come with a lot of ‘stuff’. Once you have moved out of the pram and pushchair phase you enter the scooters, bikes and skateboard phase. You need a lot of room to store all of this and garages are ideal.

A garage also gives teen somewhere to practice with their band without driving your neighbors crazy!


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