5 Organizations That Military Service Members and Spouses Give To

Over the last fifteen years, we have seen many military-related nonprofits form. Some have been around for decades, others are new organizations, born out of all the needs that the war has created. Organizations such as Military Spouse JD Network (MSJDN), began when a group of attorneys realized that they shouldn’t have to lose their ability to practice law each time they had to PCS. In 2011, K9s For Warriors was founded to meet a growing need. Since then they have graduated 312 veterans and their dogs from the program. Military spouses and veterans are a fiercely loyal group. They often know people connected to a military non-profit or organization; people who have benefited from these groups, people who spend their time volunteering or working for them.

So what are some of the groups mentioned over and over again by spouses, service members and veterans as organizations that they would give their money to?

  1. Fisher House – One of the most mentioned groups to me was Fisher House. Founded in 1990, Fisher House is most well-known for their homes in and around military bases, where families can stay at no cost while their service member is receiving medical care. On a daily basis, Fisher Houses all over can serve 970 families. But Fisher House is more than just homes. They give scholarships to spouses and children, runs a program called Hero Miles and assists other military organizations. Fisher House also has charity’s within themselves – Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum and the Intrepid Relief Fund.
  2. Military Health Project and Foundation – The Military Health Project and Foundation was founded to meet the medical needs of military families when insurance alone could not do so. Funding for non-invasive medical treatments like cranial helmets is not covered by Tricare. The Military Health Project and Foundation has dedicated itself to getting these helmets and other medical necessities for families regardless of branch or activation status, serving National Guard and Reserve families.
  3. National Military Family Association – For almost fifty years NMFA has been a voice for military families. In 1969 a group of military spouses wanted to see their widowed friends properly taken care of. They fought tirelessly, and two years later the Survivor Benefit Plan was put into law. NMFA seeks to support all military families with their programs. They have children’s camps across the country, deployment return camps and camps for families of the wounded. NMFA gives scholarship money to spouses through their own scholarships as well as partner companies. There is so much to this organization!
  4. Defending the Blue Line (United Heroes League) – Defending the Blue Line originally began as a desire to keep kids in hockey! I had the honor of meeting the founders of the organization several years ago at the USO Gala in Washington, DC. They understood very clearly the value of sports for military kids, and their organization has grown leaps and bounds and is now the United Heroes League. Since their start over $3 Million worth of sports equipment, game tickets, cash grants and skill development camps to military kids in the United States and Canada.
  5. Justice For Military Families – Justice For Military Families is an initiative created by MSJDN (Military Spouse JD Network). In 2014 this pro bono project was launched and became the first national program to provide free legal services to families.

There are so many amazing organizations out there that have significantly touched lives of military families across the country. It is impossible to give enough time to each and every one out there. If you are in need of services there is an organization that can probably assist you. If you need help finding an organization please contact us via our email, or join our Facebook community. Other organizations that I came across during my research are listed below. I encourage you to do some research and carefully consider where you donate your money. Giving back is a wonderful thing, especially in this amazing community that we are so fortunate to be a part of.

Gary Sinese Foundation, IAVA, Military Veteran Project, Armed Services YMCA, Code of Support, Warriors Foundation, TAPS, Soldier on Australia, America’s Vet Dogs, Gallant Few, American Military Partners Association, Military Spouse Advocacy Network, Nebraska Arts for Vets, The USO, Navy Marine Corp Relief Society, Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN), Wreaths Across America, Task Force Dagger, Snowball Express, Blue Star Mothers of America and Legacies Alive.


The organizations listed above are just a small group of military support organizations available to families. Homefront United Network does not specifically endorse or have a partnership with any of the above-listed organizations.

We encourage you to do your own research before donating your money to any organization.


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