Lend Your Voice: Why Taking This Survey Actually Matters

Lend Your Voice: Why Taking This Survey Actually Matters

Chances are you have been asked to take a survey or two. You may even roll your eyes when another request comes your way. But, we are going to toss a survey link your way because this one is different.

Hear us out.

Blue Star Families – a national, nonprofit network of military spouses, children, parents and friends, as well as service members, veterans and civilians, dedicated to supporting, connecting and empowering military families, conducts a survey annually. It takes about 30 minutes (maybe a bit longer) and covers a wide range of topics: pay/benefits, career and retirement, among others. Because it is the largest survey of the military community, it has grabbed the attention of those in-charge of things like policy and programs. It has also caught the attention of the media, who happens to be a great vehicle for starting conversations.

From Congressional leadership to the higher ranks within the military branches, the data compiled in this survey gets briefed to ears that matter. This survey is basically you talking to them.

Why you should take the time to complete it?

Chances are, a good majority of us live far away from the happenings of Washington D.C. Those within the beltway think they know what the average military family is grappling with, but they can’t really know. Financial struggles, mental health issues, getting the best education for our children – any number of challenges are occurring in the daily lives of you, me and our neighbor and often those at the 30,000 feet aren’t seeing it. So, this survey, the one who has earned a reputation for getting in front of people, it’s our chance. An opportunity to be candid, to give a peek of what is really going on.

Lend Your Voice: Why Taking This Survey Actually Matters


“The Blue Star Families annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey provides those serving with the rare, but crucially important, opportunity to share what’s really going on inside military families. The survey provides feedback to national decision makers on the current state of the military family,” explains Cristin Orr Shiffer, Senior Advisor for Policy and Survey at Blue Star Families.

Among last year’s survey results, military pay and retirement changes were the top concerns with for the second year in a row, according to a press release from BSF. In addition, military spouse employment, veteran employment, and service member and veteran suicide were key issues for respondents.

“Understanding the state of military families helps our nation, our neighbors, and our leaders recognize the true cost of maintaining the strongest and most effective All-Volunteer Force,” notes Ms. Shiffer.

What are your leading concerns? Do they coincide with the majority from last year? Now is your chance. You. Share an inside look into your unique journey. What matters to YOU?

Link to take the survey: 2017 annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey (aMFLS)


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