6 Skills You Might Have Mastered by Being a Military Spouse
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6 Skills You Might Have Mastered by Being a Military Spouse

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By: Briana Hartzell

There are many reasons I love being a military spouse (number one being married to my husband), but what I also appreciate are the opportunities it gives us to be experts in areas we never dreamed of. Here are six skills you might have mastered for your military spouse resume: 

Professional networker: Outside of the military community, it isn’t as easy to meet new people. Military life means a constant influx of different people in your community. There are also family readiness groups that you can join to familiarize yourself with your current duty station or spouse’s command. It is a unique opportunity to have instant access to a group of potential friends on a semi-regular rotation! 

Experienced Soloist– I don’t ever like when my spouse must go away on detachments or deployment- but I try to see the positive for those nights alone. For example, after the kids are in bed- I binge watch shows that my spouse cannot stand, or have cereal for dinner, or spend the evening reading in my pajamas. Some nights it is nice to not think of anyone but yourself! We also don’t shy away from embracing life events and social opportunities (go solo to that Military Ball!) just because we have to do it alone.

Traveler to Exotic places: While some of the “exotic places” the military sends families are actually just places we would never choose to go unless forced (looking at you Twentynine Palms!), it does give us the opportunity to become familiar with new places! I am appreciative of the opportunity to live in Lemoore, California (although it makes the list for worst Naval Bases) and try to take advantage of some of the beautiful national parks within a few hours’ drive of the base.

Expert laundry finagler– whether it is jet fuel, sand, or Velcro® tangles- we know how to wash it- or fix it when it gets mixed up in the wash. (or if I am honest – we know the best place to purchase a replacement and get it delivered quickly!)

Esteemed Lingo Interpreter– Not only do we know many of the military acronyms and jargon, but we are also experts in figuring out what our spouse is saying when we only receive half of the words being communicated. This skill has been honed by a poor reception on Skype calls, delayed Facetime audio or long distant spotty phone conversations.

Master of Accommodation: We are moving in two weeks? Our household goods are delayed for the month? Is your deployment extended? Won’t you make it home for the birth of our child? No matter what the military lifestyle throws our way, we adapt overcome and adjust and we get really good at it.


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