6 Truths Kids Learn When You Work from Home
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6 Truths Kids Learn When You Work from Home

As I am typing this both of my kids are home. I can hear them yelling at each other right above me just one floor away. I wonder if I can write one more paragraph before I have to step away and play referee.

Hold that thought, be right back…

This is the life of a work-from-home mom. This lifestyle isn’t always about convenience or freedom, there is a lot of hard work involved, not to mention some of the craziest over the top work environment scenarios not seen in the average office.

While we are still in the school year, I take advantage of their schedule and do the bulk of my work during that time. Today, however, is a bit different. Conference calls, meetings and deadlines looming, everything is piled on top and the work must get done. Any mom out there who works and parents at the same time knows that many times, no amount of planning or scheduling is enough. And while the kids may be older and understand that mommy is working, do they really get it? What do they think I am doing locked in this office for hours on end?

Today is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day and this leaves a very interesting question on the minds of those who work from home. What would happen if work from home moms really did bring their kids to work with them?

With the collaborative help of Team HUN, here are 6 Truths Kids Learn When You Work from Home:

  1. Mommy isn’t unemployed. Yep, that’s right. I am crazy busy during the day and actually working! Maybe they will understand how I cobbled together a job doing what I enjoy instead of just something that helps us get by. They tend to act like I don’t have a “real job”.
  2. Conference calls are vital. Perhaps the most important part of the day, the gateway to human interaction – not to mention real adult conversation. Working from home can sometimes mean going hours, or even a day without actually speaking to anyone.
  3. Breaks don’t come often. We take very little time for ourselves to step away and unwind. Our breaks consist of walking to the mailbox, throwing in a load of laundry, walking to the kitchen and grabbing whatever food is readily available, only to walk back to our desk to eat and check email. We also play the “holding our pee” game, which just isn’t wise.
  4. Yes, mommy has a real office. We don’t have an office just for “IRS purposes”. This isn’t a room where we hide to read magazines and sip champagne. There are papers, folders and way too may computer monitors to dust – not exactly my idea of an escape from the world.
  5. Multi-tasking can get overwhelming. So since we aren’t sitting at home wearing yoga pants all day and binge watching Netflix, guess this means we’re busy. Schedules can get overwhelming at times and so can our hours. If we see an opportunity to take a call while working on a report or typing an email – we take it!
  6. We can drop it and pick it back up. We’re moms, this means that even though we work hard at maintaining our careers – we can easily be where we need to be, re-arrange schedules when needed, and easily start back up.

What work from home truths would your kids learn?


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