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Project Low-Budget Kitchen Upgrade

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and rip up your kitchen to give it a brand new look. There are lots of affordable things you can to upgrade your kitchen, give it a brand new look and make it a much more inviting space to spend time in, without undertaking a full kitchen remodeling project. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and you’re looking to make a change, or you simply want to freshen up the space, here are some low-budget kitchen upgrade ideas:

Paint Your Cabinets

Nothing transforms your kitchen quite like the addition of new cabinets. Of course, new kitchen cabinets don’t come cheap, but that doesn’t matter because you can get ‘new’ kitchen cabinets for just a few dollars. Go to your local DIY store, pick up a can of paint and in a few hours your kitchen cabinets will be brand new. Here are some awesome ideas for white kitchen cabinets.

Handle Your Handles

If you want to change your kitchen cabinets in a subtle way, you should consider removing your old, uninspiring cabinet handles and pulls and replacing them with new, more stylish ones. If you really want to add the ‘wow factor’ go for crystal door pulls or handles that have a more unique design feature than the norm.

Sink or Swim

If you’re old sink is worn, rusting or scratched from too many errant knives over the years, your kitchen is never going to look as fresh and news as it could, which is why it is almost certainly worth spending a few pounds on the likes of a new Rangemaster sink with its shiny new still and ample room for dishes.

Create a Feature Wall

Don’t want to spend hours painting your kitchen cabinets and refreshing your walls? No problem. Just pick one wall and paint or wallpaper that. A feature wall will add a much-needed point of interest to your kitchen, add color and style and allow you to get creative with the space in a fairly controlled way.

Let there Be Light

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen cooking, eating and entertaining, you need plenty of light. Perhaps unusually, I would suggest you switch out your current kitchen lights for dimmer lights. That way, you can have full light when you’re doing busy-work and switch to a softer glow when you’re having a romantic dinner or otherwise entertaining guests. I always think that a few pendant lights hanging over counter tops and tables look great in the kitchen.

Decorate with Your Appliances

If your current kitchen appliances are a little past their sell-by date, why not take the opportunity to purchase some newer, prettier ones and kill two birds with one stone? Kitchen appliances now come in a vast range of bold and beautiful colors and designs, which means you can use them to decorate the kitchen without doing any real work.

Get New Countertops

Counter tops take the brunt of time spent in the kitchen. They’re damaged by spills, slips of the knife and general wear and tear. So, if you want to upgrade your kitchen without the expense of a whole remodeling project, just buy new counter tops.

Whatever changes you decide to make, have fun upgrading your kitchen!


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