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An Open Letter to Barron Trump

Dear Barron, 

I hope you are doing alright. I’m so terribly sorry to hear what people have said about you over the past few days. I’m so sorry that you’ve fallen victim to the mean-spirited nature of this political mess just because you are the President’s son. I’m so very sorry that you must endure criticism from the very people who should have your back as your life and childhood changes forever.

As I watched the inauguration on television last week, my heart felt for you. I watched you walk to your seat and stand there quietly and patiently as I’m sure you were told to do. I can only imagine the emotions running through you as you took in everything around you and prepared for your father to take his oath of office. Had that been me at ten years old, I would have been very overwhelmed and confused. I wondered if you were too. Maybe you were even a little bored. But whatever you were feeling, you did an amazing job. You were perfectly poised and a true gentleman, which is a lot to ask of a ten-year old boy. You made it through the day with grace and composure and I, for one, was highly impressed. You are surely a respectable young man. 

I want you to know that these people saying awful things towards you are wrong. They are wrong because you are an innocent child who has been unwillingly placed in the spotlight. They are wrong because no child deserves to be talked about that way. They are wrong because you aren’t the one people are truly angry with. And most of all, they are wrong because it’s never, ever right to treat another human being that way. 

My daughter is not much younger than you at nine years old. She is a very sweet and spirited girl who loves making friends. But she has ADHD, which causes her to struggle with social relationships. Over the years, other kids she thought were her friends have treated her poorly. She has been kicked out of most of her social circles because the other kids can’t accept her abrupt way of communicating. She has come home from school crying because she felt she had no friends. She has lost faith in others and, sadly, in the value of what it means to treat others kindly. 

Why am I telling you this? Because when I see the pain my daughter has endured from being rejected by her own peers, I can imagine how much pain you must feel when the ridicule comes from grown adults who you should be able to trust. I can imagine that you would lose faith in kindness and basic human decency. I can imagine that you’d want to run and hide somewhere safe and never come out.

Please know that those who criticize you are nothing more than their words. You are already a more decent person than they’ll ever be. Don’t let them crush your spirit or diminish your self-worth. Those awful people are very few among a nation who is rooting for you to succeed and to grow up peacefully in the White House.

Always remember, even though you are young, you are still worthy of kindness and respect. You are worthy of a happy childhood. You are worthy of finding a place in this world where you feel safe and loved. Your family loves you tremendously, I can see that.

Keep your head up, Barron. Wishing you the very best on your journey as First Kid!

Kindest Regards, 

A Concerned Mom


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