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Top Ten Tips For Upgrading Your Bedroom On A Budget

The bedroom of a home is a sanctuary to relax, revitalize, and rest. But when your bedroom design feels dated, you may not feel as comfortable spending time there as you may like. A full bedroom redesign can be costly, especially if you’re interested in giving your sleep space a complete overhaul with a brand new style. The good news is that there are ways to upgrade your bedroom without burning through your wallet. Give your bedroom a modern makeover with these simple tips.

Create a Feature Wall. A feature wall is a great way to add a unique, personal touch to your bedroom space. Feature walls can be created using wallpaper or paint and simply involves choosing one wall to stand out from the rest. It adds a real pop of color to your room, and plus, money can be saved by focusing on just one wall.

Add Unique Lighting. Add unique lighting to spice things up without breaking the bank. Fairy lights strung around your room or quirky bedside lamps can totally redefine your bedroom space. Try to find lampshades or designs that complement the colors of your room, especially your new feature wall. That way your room will have a consistent but not overpowering color theme.

Paint Doorframes and Skirting Boards. Doorframes and skirting boards tend to chip paint or lose their color over time, which can cause the entire room to look old and dated. Give them a new coat of paint for an updated look. Our tip is to stick with neutral colors in order to give it a fresh look without being too domineering.

Add Fun Cushions and Throws. Adding cushions and throws can turn any room into a personalized and comfortable haven. With so many different types of cushions and throws available, from simple neutral tones to fun and funky patterns – you’ll be sure to find a style you love.

Consider a New Mattress. Updating your bedroom isn’t just about how it looks – you should also focus on your comfort. If you’ve had your mattress for more than eight years, it might be time to consider swapping it for a new, updated one. There are tons of new styles of mattresses, from a natural latex mattress to organic cotton, all of which provide superior comfort. And nowadays you don’t even have to stress over the mattress showroom – there are plenty of mattress stores you can shop at online and try the mattress out for a few months before committing, saving you tons of money in the end.

Adopt Some Plants. Plants are a great way to bring life into any room, bedrooms included! Not only are plants an excellent bedroom accessory, they also help to bring the tranquility of nature indoors. Research has shown that houseplants create a calmer, more relaxed space, and they’re great for the air quality as well. If you don’t have a green thumb, then succulents and even plastic plants may be the way to go.

Buy a Rug. If you don’t have the money to completely re-carpet your entire floor, a rug might be the perfect replacement. Rugs create the appearance of a new floor but without the cost. Plus, they bring warmth, comfort, and a personal touch into the room.

Choose New Bed Linen. There’s no better way to upgrade your bedroom than with brand new bed linen. Whether you choose an affordable brand or something a little more expensive, bed linen can make an entire bedroom feel new. Cotton is always the most practical option, as it breathes and therefore provides less discomfort that can often lead to restless sleep.

Don’t Forget Accessories. Accessories are where you can let your style really show, and so it’s important not to forget about them. Add trinkets, ornaments, and personal items throughout the room to take it from plain and impersonal to somewhere that’s uniquely yours.

Make It Your Own. Our top tip for upgrading your bedroom on a budget is to make it your own. Avoid spending money on items just because they’re in style and instead focus on items that you really love, that make your room scream “you”. It’s better to take some time to find what works perfectly in your space than to fill your bedroom with impulse buys that you may not enjoy in a few years or even months time.

As you can see, upgrading your bedroom doesn’t need to be costly, and there are tons of fun and creative ways to give your bedroom the facelift it – and you – both deserve!


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