Sharing a Cup and a Story with my Veteran
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Sharing a Cup and a Story with my Veteran

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The Folgers Coffee Company. The opinions and text are all mine.1

Remember the jingle, “The best part of waking up … is Folgers in your cup?” Coffee is, by far, the best part about waking up. It’s a well-respected time of the day and it is one that I love sharing with others. Coffee and conversation go hand in hand, and there is nothing I like better than sharing a cup & a story with my favorite Veterans.

With Veterans Day approaching, it’s time to head to Walmart to stock up on some Folgers in preparation for sharing a few cups of coffee with some of my favorite Veterans. This year I’ll get to enjoy a cup of coffee with two very special Veterans, and think of another one who is too far away.

I’m lucky to have several Veterans in my life, and I enjoy sharing a great cup of coffee with them, sitting back and listening to their stories and sharing the time together. For me, coffee can be an all-day affair, a warm and welcoming cup in the quiet of the morning, a cup over ice in the middle of the afternoon while the kids play, or even a cup of decaf before bed, relaxing and discussing the day’s events. Sharing a cup & a Story with some of my favorite Veterans can be a daily activity, which makes it even more special.

2My favorite person to share my coffee time with is also my favorite Veteran. My husband is a Lifetime VFW Member, who has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and continues to serve his country as an active duty Soldier. While I don’t get up early enough to enjoy coffee with him during the week, Saturday or Sunday mornings are perfect. Sometimes we sit and talk about our weeks or about the past, sometimes we dream about the future, and sometime we sit in silence, just enjoying each other’s company.

Coffee dates in the afternoon are usually accompanied by children, which bring both tears and laughter. My neighbor and best friend is a mom of 4, a fellow military spouse, and a Veteran. Spending time together is my way of taking some time out of our busy schedules to sit and talk, and gives me an opportunity to thank her by showing her how much her service means to me. A few quiet sips of coffee as we watch our children play and enjoy each other’s company is the best way to say thank you to her for her continued support of our country.

I am lucky to still have my grandfather with me, and my childhood memories of him include watching him read the paper, cover to cover while drinking his Folgers Coffee. It was the one thing he prepared himself each morning and he was always ok with answering my constant stream of questions. As soon as I mentioned anything about his time in the Navy, he would launch into some great stories. He was the first Veteran I spent time with and talked to, and he’s definitely one of my favorites. When I grew up enough to drink coffee, I would make a cup with him and we’d be able to visit and he’d tell me stories of his submariner days over and over again.3

A good cup of coffee is something that speaks to people. It’s warm and comforting. It’s familiar when you’re far from home. The smell reminds you of sharing a cup around your breakfast table. It can transport you back to a time or place where you felt safe, happy, and loved.

Sharing a cup of coffee is easy. Walmart and Folgers are focused on bringing coffee and Veterans together, with their Share a Cup and a Story program, to go beyond saying ‘thank you’ this year. It’s about showing gratitude and truly listening to their stories. As Veterans Day approaches, buy some Folgers coffee and plan a time to sit, listen, and thank a Veteran for their service.



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