Tricks To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger


Small bathrooms don’t have to feel small. You’ve seen those bathrooms, though. They feel crowded and dark; space is not used well. You’d be surprised, however, that with just a few simple tricks even the smallest bathroom can instantly feel larger. Try these seven basic tips to see how big your bathroom can feel.

Use large vanity mirrors

Hanging large mirrors above your sink will give the illusion of more space. If possible, get one that goes all the way up to the ceiling, which will make the ceiling seem higher.

Add sconces to the mirror or drop light fixtures from the ceiling, which will bounce the light around the room, amplifying the available light. This will make the room feel not only bigger but brighter.

Prioritize storage space

Use open shelves where you can to make the space feel larger. Obviously, you’ll want to have a closed space or two, especially if the bathroom is frequented by guests.

For open shelves, consider narrow units that take up minimal space. Glass is a great option for shelves in a smaller bathroom, as they give your bathroom a light airy feel.

Ditch the big vanity

Consider going with a furniture-style vanity or pedestal sink, both of which provide a more open feel. If you want the storage space or need double sinks in the space, go with a furniture-style vanity that has an open shelf on the bottom. A pedestal sink is perfect for a guest bath or powder room and takes up very little space.

Go vertical

Get a shower curtain with vertical stripes, which draws the eye upward and creates the illusion of higher ceilings. If your budget allows, skip the curtain altogether and go with a glass shower enclosure. This will make your bathroom seem more open since there is less to block your line of sight.

Lighten up

Pick a light-colored paint and backsplash to create the illusion of more space. Select light-colored tile for the floors and shower. Stick with light colored towels, white framed pictures, and glass storage jars to maintain the airy feeling of the room. If white is too sterile for your taste, consider small grey or black accents to make it more visually appealing.

Keep it low

If possible, keep your storage space below waist level. Cabinets protruding from the walls can make you feel boxed in. Having storage below your waist creates the feeling of more space in the bathroom as a whole. This also minimizes the clutter you or your guests would see at eye level, making the bathroom feel more open.

Flush the bulky toilet

Some toilets are just large. They might have tall backs or they might have wide bowls, but either way, they take up a lot of space. Consider going for a narrower, more compact toilet.

If you’re working with a basement bathroom and have to deal with being below a sewer line, upflush systems are necessary but can take up space. Try a space-saving model, like the saniflo saniBEST pro, which fits under your toilet, taking up minimal space.

These seven basic tips will make any small bathroom feel larger, whether it’s your basement powder room or your master en-suite. Even if your space doesn’t allow for a massive bathroom, you can still create a bright, airy space that will feel open, calm, and inviting. Just a few simple tricks can create the illusion of space, so you can update your tiny bathroom in no time and on a small budget.


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