A Career In Planning

In school, you’re told time and again that planning is the best way to success. If you believe your teachers; you’re sure to fail if you don’t take advantage of planning at the start of an exam. How else are you meant to get your thoughts and arguments in a coherent order?

Some students ignore the advice, but others take it on board like it’s the holy grail. And, when plans start leading to success, a love of organizing is born. Such individuals may then take planning forward with them in every aspect of their lives. Never do they leave the house without a planner in hand. To do lists are a staple part of their morning routine. Every hour of the day gets accounted for before it’s happened. How else are you meant to make the most of every moment?

Planning like this is often a reward of its own. You get to enjoy some fabulous stationery while taking care of your time management. Many planning focused individuals wouldn’t have their lives any other way.

But, it’s possible you could take your love of organization even further. While you may not have considered it as such, your planning process is a skill set not everyone has. And, like any skill set, it can take you far in a career of your choice. To show you how we’re going to look at a few different career choices with requiring planning power.

Event Planning Manager

What could be better to start this list than a job which quite literally has ‘planning’ in the title? It doesn’t get much more appropriate than this.

To keep things simple, an event planner’s job is exactly what it says on the tin. It will be your role to organize events of all shapes and sizes, from conferences to parties, or whatever your clients need. You’ll be responsible for everything, from guest lists to venues and catering options. As such, those lists you’ve been making all your life will finally find a practical purpose. You’ll also need to ensure all timings correlate so that guests arrive before proceedings begin etc. Not to mention that you’ll need to organize a team of staff to help you put your plan in place. Sound like heaven to you? Don’t hesitate to get started. You can either start an event planning business or get a job with one of many existing firms.

Shop Manager

If you prefer to keep your planning modest to start, you could work your way up to shop manager in about any store you fancy. All managers have a decent amount of planning on their hands. The main benefit of starting out in a shop is that you’ll need fairly little experience behind you. As long as you know the shop, and do your job well, a management position is sure to find its way to you.

In your management role, you’ll have planning galore to tackle. On a basic level, there are rotas to sort. It’ll be your job to ensure there is enough staff at any given time. You’ll need to arrange shift start and end times which correlate. You’ll also need to consider breaks, and break cover as appropriate.

And, the planning doesn’t end there. It’ll also be down to you to plan visual displays within the store. This includes window displays, as well as the organization of stock itself. Not to mention that you’ll get a chance to organize staff events and so on. If you had never considered this before, it’s past time you did. Planning skills are all you need to become the best manager imaginable.


If you want a job with a little more satisfaction at stake, you could opt for nursing. Nurses are the unsung multitaskers of the medical world. As such, planning is top of the skill list for this position. You’ll be caring for a few different patients at a time, and will need to plan every aspect of their care. From medication times to keeping medical records up to date; it’s all down to you. Bear in mind that this will be high-pressure planning. A slip-up could cost lives, so you need to be on top of everything. But, if you’ve been planning every moment of your own life, this goal should be well within reach.

You could take the planning aspect of this job even further, by making the most of the on-the-job learning opportunities. That way, you’ll be planning your education, as well as your patient care.You could take on board any number of training courses at work, or opt to do an online RN BSN program. Once completed, you would also be in charge of organizing your fellow nurses. The planning possibilities are endless!


Few avid planners would consider freelance work as a career option. In many ways, the whole concept of working for yourself goes against your planning nature. For those of us who like structure, having set work hours and a distinct work plan seems essential.

But, it might be worth considering freelance work. This career option actually has a lot of potential for the planners among us. For one, you’ll be in complete charge of planning your life. No boss will be in place to change the rota or mess up your work without asking. Instead, everything will be down to you, from the hours you work to the jobs you take on.

Not to mention that your planning skills will help you make a go of this. Freelancers need to be hardworking and focused to stand a chance of making money. And, those are skills that you’re sure to have. You can rest easy that you’ll stick to your plan for work hours, finding jobs, etc.

You’ll also be in the best position to keep track of outgoings and ingoings. All you’ll have to do is get on top of an organization method which works. And, for you, that shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.


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