3 DIY Tips To Help You Build A Garage For Your Home

A garage can bring a lot of benefits to your home, particularly if you lack space or live in a rough area with lots of car break-ins. After all, the two primary purposes of a garage are to keep your car safely tucked away while providing your home with additional storage space. Many people find they have the space to build a garage, but assume it will be a costly process that involves getting a contractor in and spending ages building it.

This doesn’t have to be the case as you can easily do it yourself. I’m going to give you some handy advice that will help you do just that, as well as keeping the costs of the project to a minimum. As a result, you have a shiny new garage for your family home, and you’ve saved a lot of money during the process.

Design Your Garage And Clear The Space For It

Your first step is to design your dream garage. Think about what you hope to gain from this construction. Are you doing it purely for storage purposes? If so, you need to consider how large the garage should be, depending on how much stuff will be stored there. If you’re aiming to store a car there, then it’s essential your garage is big enough to comfortably fit your car with the doors and trunk fully opened. Once you’ve worked out the design and measurements, it’s time to prep the location and clear the area ready for your garage.

Build Using Steel

You’ve got lots of different options when it comes to the material of your garage. However, if you’re looking for something that provides good durability, weather resistance, is relatively low cost, and can be erected quickly, then steel is your best bet. You don’t have to be a genius to put together a steel building, and there’s no need to mix cement or lay any bricks down. You’ve got things like Armstrong Steel Homes that come with all the pieces cut and ready, all you have to do is fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle. Steel is a very versatile material, and it’s a lot easier to take apart your steel garage and resize it if you feel you need some extra space.

Create Handy Storage Space Inside

Once your garage is built, you can begin working on the inside. My advice is to create as much handy storage space as possible. Look at the walls and attach things to them so you can hang tools from hooks, helping you declutter your home. Make use of the height of your garage too, you’ll probably have a lot of empty space above. If you choose the right steel building, you can convert the roof space into storage too.

Just like that, you’ve built a garage in a matter of weeks, without needing any additional help from a contractor. You’ve not had to buy lots of raw materials either so the savings will be very big. Now, enjoy the benefits, and you’ll be kicking yourself for not building one sooner!


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