Sharing Moments With Loved Ones Is Now Even Easier

Military families know the importance of staying connected, both with deployed service members and distant family members. Fortunately, the advancement of technology over the years has continually made it easier to do so, going from mere phone calls to emailing and video-chatting in what seems like the blink of an eye. Still with life’s busyness, sometimes it’s hard to find time to upload and send recent pictures or schedule a video chat. Fitz Frame makes it easy to share the most recent pictures and videos with loved ones with just the tap of a finger.

Electronic picture frames have been around for a while, usually requiring either a SD card or USB cord to upload pictures. Though the idea is great, it takes time to transfer the pictures, plus you must have physical access to the frame. Fitz Frame has taken all the difficulty out of the electronic frame concept and developed a frame that links up to Wi-Fi so the user can wirelessly send pictures to the frame from anywhere! That means that the most recent photo and video memories can be sent immediately to far away family members or a service member overseas.

Sharing Moments With Loved Ones Is Now Even Easier

The frame itself is very user friendly and doesn’t require much other than a Wi-Fi connection and registration with the free app on your phone or tablet. Upon plugging in the frame for the first time, the step-by-step instructions appear on-screen to guide you through the set-up process. The first step is to connect the frame to Wi-Fi. Next, a unique code is displayed, which is entered into the app to sync the frame with that specific device and allow photos to be sent. Once that’s done, the app leads you through a few simple steps needed to send photos to the frame. It’s that easy!

I’ll admit that when my husband was deployed, it didn’t take long to get burned out from constantly sending him recent pictures of the kids. I was tired, had a million things on the to-do list, and sometimes just didn’t want to sit at the computer uploading and e-mailing pictures. But I also didn’t want him to miss out on all the kids’ milestones. Having this frame would have made things a whole lot easier!


Another thing about kids and pictures is that when they are very young, motivation to regularly post pictures for everyone to see is high. For a long time, I used a photo sharing website and tried my best to regularly load photos. But over the years as we became busier and busier with the kids, posting pictures to that site has fallen to the wayside. Now the most posting I do is directly from my phone’s photo reel to Facebook, with hopes that family logs on to see the pictures. But with this frame, the photos can be sent directly to a frame at a family member’s house just as easily as loading it onto a social media site, and they can instantly see the new pictures on their frame.

The Fitz Frame app allows the user to edit photos before sending, as well as adjust the speed of the photos on the frame and the volume of videos. Up to ten photos can be loaded at a time, but with cloud storage the frame can hold over 2000 photos! Additionally, there are settings to add contributors to the frame, so pictures can be sent from multiple phones, as long as they are signed up with the Fitz app. The Fitz Frame site has additional information and FAQs to help with learning how to use the app and the frame.

If you are a military family going through deployments or if you live far away from loved ones, this frame is perfect for you! Sending photos to a deployed mom or dad, or to grandparents anxious to see the latest smiles from their grandchildren has never been easier or faster. And… Fitz Frame generously gives military families a 20% discount on all frames! If you ask me, though, the ability to so easily share valuable memories that will last a lifetime is truly priceless.

Coming to our SpouseTalks event next week? We will be giving away a Fitz Frame to 10 lucky attendees!


*Disclosure: The Homefront United Network was provided a frame for review. All opinions stated are my own.*


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