Why Military Families Need R&R
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Why Military Families Need R&R

What holds you back from you and your family enjoying a well-deserved vacation? One thing that we have never done is create excuses for not taking a family vacation. Even when there was too much work or not enough money, we made it happen. And it didn’t matter where we went, or for how long – changing the daily routine is something we needed. Throughout the long year, we start to feel mentally and physically exhausted. Vacations are rejuvenating and help you to dump that stress. You return with a brighter look and fresh perspective.

This summer, we took a Carnival Cruise to Turks and Caicos, Half Moon Cay and Nassau Bahamas. And although we have been on family vacations each year, this vacation gave us a much needed R&R but also helped us to see the significance of spending quality time with each other.

Here are four reasons Why Military Families Need R&R, and why vacations are significant to family life.

Vacations mean spending quality time with your family

We are consistently on the go. There is work, school, after-school programs, sports and other activities. There may be very little time for us to sit down and have a conversation with each other. Sure we have the weekends, but the weekend may not be enough to catch up on things happening in our lives. Vacations pull a family together and reinforce the fact that quality time is essential.

Taking a vacation allows you and your family to lay back and relax

We face a lot of things on a day to day basis. The kids have a load of homework to do and both my husband and I work to provide for our family. I work from home, but by the time I am done working, I am immediately jumping on homework, cooking, cleaning and preparing the household for the next day. And my poor husband is exhausted the moment he steps through the door. Family vacations will definitely put the daily routine aside for just a little while and allow you to kick back and relax. Whether you go away or stay home, enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Do things you would not normally do with your family on a normal schedule. Vacations are meant to have fun without any worries or time boundaries.

Me watching the kids play on the beach in Grand Turk. I can't remember the last time I felt this relaxed.
Watching the kids play on the beach in Grand Turk. I can’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed.
Taking a family vacation will create fond memories

We take an obnoxious amount of photos while on vacation. Why? Because years from now we are going to open up our albums or watch a video of our vacation and relive the wonderful memories once again. Memories are to be cherished and remembered for as long as you live.

My kids told me this was the best vacation ever! Aren't I glad I took over 300 pictures?
My kids told me this was the best vacation ever! Aren’t I glad I took over 300 pictures?
When you take a vacation, you will experience new things

Whether we stay in state or go out of the country, we make it a priority to try something new. On this vacation, we all tried a new food every night. The deal was, try it anyway, even if it didn’t sound tasty. What did we try? Alligator, Ox tongue, frog legs, conch fritters, escargot. The verdict… all delicious! Possibly not something we would have tried back home, but on vacation – go for it! My husband is also not a fan of extreme sports or rides (I know, a 6’1 soldier and he hates it all), but on this trip, we para-sailed! Another new adventure we have not tried, but did, because of where we were. So whether it is a new food – or a new adventure, we will try and learn different things.

Don’t let opportunities to take a family vacation slip away. Vacations are healthy. You may not have the financial ability to take luxurious vacations. However, taking a vacation locally is a great way for you and your family to get away from the usual routine. You and your family will benefit from a well-earned break. And when it is time to return to your normal schedule, you all will have a clear mind and a stress-free start.

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*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Carnival Cruise Lines. The opinions and text are all mine.*


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