One Stitch at a Time: How One Woman is Creating Comfort for Military Families

One Stitch at a Time: How One Woman is Creating Comfort for Military Families


Life attached to the military becomes engrained within each of us.

Standing by someone who has put the uniform of the nation on shapes you. From the new places we call home to the strangers that become family, from the pride in belonging to such a community to the emptiness of missing someone – loving a service member impacts you today, tomorrow and probably for the entire rest of your life. One woman is using her entrepreneurial skills to make sure people can take a piece of this life with them forever, even long after that uniform is hung up for good.

One Stitch at a Time: How One Woman is Creating Comfort for Military Families

Eve Baum started the Military Apparel Company in 2005. She had been sewing since age 5 and after developing her skills in France, she decided to launch a design-your-own-handbag business in the United States. The idea to use military uniforms was inspired by a soldier. A U.S. Army major asked her to turn his uniforms into gifts for his mother and sister. His gift became her new focus. Baum would use her international design skills to give military families long-lasting keepsakes.

“Abandoned in attics, isolated in closets, retired, forgotten… Military Apparel Company gives the Military Uniform a second chance as a carefully crafted, tangible display of Pride allowing you to keep your American Hero by your side,” according to the company’s website. “Our creations serve as a personal, constant reminder of loved ones that have just returned, are presently serving, or have sacrificed their lives defending our country.”

The Military Apparel Company is already impacting the lives of others with its products. One example is from a customer named Sarah, who shared a very personal story:

Chloe and Owen.

“My husband was a SSgt in the USAF. He suffered from PTSD and passed away on January 13, 2016. We had two children together, Chloe is 4 and Owen is now 10 months old. His death has really effected Chloe and though I miss him dearly, I think my daughter’s ache for her daddy is greater than my ache my for husband. She has been having some emotional issues and I desperately wanted to find a way to help her but to also give her comfort and a piece of her daddy to hold onto. My son Owen is so young and even though he seems completely fine because he doesn’t understand, I wanted to give him something to have forever. My sister had a friend who knew about Military Apparel Company and sent her the link. (She) posted it on my Facebook page. As I was looking through, I realized what the company was all about. I knew I needed to order the bears for the children. The bears would be made out of their daddy’s uniform so they both can have a piece of their daddy to have forever. After I ordered the bears and sent Brad’s uniform, Eve made them quickly and we received them yesterday. Giving my children the bears was very emotional and healing at the same time. Chloe knew it came from her daddy’s uniform (and) her face immediately lit up. I know this will help her. Owen was my surprise. I thought he would be indifferent about the bears and I would put it on his shelf until he was older and explain to him what the bears are made from and why I got them, but when I handed Owen his bear his face lit up. He wrapped his arms around it and held it close. He cuddled it and kept saying da da. He had not said da da since my husband’s funeral. He knew the bears were from his daddy’s uniform. I think he recognized it. The healing these bears are bringing my family is priceless. Thank you so much Military Apparel Company.”

It means so much to Eve and team to be able to give back to the military and their families. She believes personalized mementos can have a more permanent statement of who a person is and what they believe in as well as their commitment to creating a brighter tomorrow. Through her creations, she is able to do this. 

For more information on the Military Apparel Company and to check out its products, visit the website at:


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  1. What a touching story. Eve really is making a difference in these families’ lives doing what she does, and making the gifts and keepsakes out of the actual uniforms makes it all the more meaningful. Thanks for sharing this.

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