Ways to Keep Your Sanity
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Ways to Keep Your Sanity

When your spouse is away on deployment, it can lead to long nights of boredom and days that seem never ending. At this time it’s important to take care of yourself and break out of this before it turns into a downward spiral. One of the best ways to do this is to take some time and take up new activities, so you can keep your sanity!

Take up a New Hobby

Not every hobby has to be overly involved or require a lot of specialist equipment, as there are a number out there that are easy and free to start up. You could take up a social hobby, like going to a craft club, or go for a more solitary hobby, like practicing an instrument. Online games can give you an even mixture of both, especially bingo games as they have a chatroom culture and most sites have a friendly community. If you’re interested in learning about bingo sites then this site can recommend some: pgbingo.com/new-bingo-sites.


Go Back to School

While this may not be top of your new things to try, studies show (http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/pages/learn-for-mental-wellbeing.aspx) that learning something new can be hugely beneficial to your well being. Check out your local college and find a course that interests you, whether it’s a lifestyle class or a qualification. As you learn you can also invite friends round to chat about the course and study together, so you’ll have more of a support system. If you want to check out some jewelry making or design courses in the US then have a look here http://www.gia.edu/gem-education/program-jewelry-design-technology.

Plan a Girls Night Out

When your spouse is miles away your friends become a major part of your life. It can be all too easy to pass on nights out or activities when you’re simply not in the mood to be around others. This is fine at the time but if it becomes a habit then you risk cutting yourself off from the group. Instead, plan something that really appeals to you; try a new restaurant that you’ve heard about, go to a sports bar or maybe just hit the town. We’ve written before about how being a military wife can be challenging but this is a sure fire way to lift your spirits.


Appreciate Yourself

Above all else, to survive life as a military spouse, you need to be strong enough to support yourself as well as your family. Our guide to loving yourself will give you a bit of that strength back, especially when you’re flagging. Take time to appreciate all that you do and don’t feel guilty about treating yourself on occasion.


Change your Surroundings

If you’re feeling bogged down and tired of the military life then you can shake things up to improve it. Here’s a list of things that you could change to improve your outlook:

  • Your Job – This may seem like a huge change but the chances are that you could be stressed out from work and this could decrease your morale. If your job is a negative aspect of your life then start applying elsewhere or take steps to make it better.
  • Your Home – If you feel like your surroundings at home aren’t conducive to a positive attitude then it’s time for a makeover. Fill the house with things that make you happy and use light colors to brighten the whole place up. Your spouse may be surprised by the change when they get home but it’s bound to be for the better.
  • Your Style – Tired of feeling dowdy? Go shopping and get yourself something new and exciting to wear.

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