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Keeping Our Holiday Memories Alive

“This post was sponsored by the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central.”

Can you believe the holiday season is over? I can’t. Today I am still staring at the lights on the tree contemplating if I should leave it up longer, why not? This holiday season has brought so much cheer to me and my family, even all the 6 kids were in cheer, which says a lot for a large family like ours. I don’t want to forget the cheer, I don’t want to leave behind the beautiful moments we have had and even more, the amazing support of the military community during the season.

But as seasons change, so must we. And off I go to the daily routine of being a stay at home mom to my 6 loves. Back to the routine of school, homework and of course scheduling all the yearly check-ups. Which reminds me…

I felt like a total mom fail two weeks ago. My oldest son, who is 11, had 3 cavities at his end of year dental check up, 3 CAVITIES! You see, he’s never had a cavity and takes it very personal. He has always bragged about how dental hygiene is the most important, and how one day – he will be a dentist with his own practice. That makes me smile. 🙂

I stopped beating myself up, he’s a kid and we sure do our best to stay healthy and on top of oral hygiene. After all, I am sure Universities aren’t going to keep him out of dental school because he’s had a few cavities in the past… What made me calm down? Knowing that we were covered and as a National Guard family, I can’t tell you how important that is. With our dental provider, TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) through MetLife, there are over 250,000 dental locations, which once again is great for a military family who doesn’t exactly live near anything military. The sad thing is that so many National Guard an Reserve families don’t know that if they are enrolled in the TDP, network dentists can complete the Department of Defense Active Duty/Reserve Forces Dental Examination form (DD Form 2813) for them at no cost. Ummm, yeah!


After explaining to my son that it was okay, and that I knew he tried his best, we had to move on. The cavities would be filled and we would move on from this. And going back for his fillings would also be an important visit, the start of his braces! Did you know that the TDP does offer comprehensive orthodontic services? It is available for family members (non-spouse) until reaching age 21, or 23 if enrolled in school. And the best part of this is that Orthodontic treatment is also available for spouses and National Guard and Reserve members until reaching age 23. Again, a major win for us and something that needs to get done any way.

So after we take care of some routine dental work, we are going to continue to work together as a family to keep memories flowing. It doesn’t need to be the holiday season to feel special, you just need each other.

We are looking forward to making even more memories this year, as always welcoming a new year with open arms and the dedication that caring for ourselves should take top priority. This is a value I instill on my children, and hopefully one day will do the same with their own children.

To learn more about the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) through MetLife, or to enroll, please visit the Beneficiary Enrollment website at www.tricare.mil/bwe or visit www.metlife.com/tricare.


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